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Revolutionary Hip Hop. Theme music for the Revolt! Black and Brown Power fighting Racism. Not just white people in general but the Racist Klans of White Supr
My soul got caught up! I am a HipHop Enthusiast,...Real HipHop, However, the mainstream has really disgusted me. Colonialism, Imperialism, and the likes toward Racism STILL exist in The United Snakes of Amerikkka. The Revolution is Real. Evolution Lives. That's all I am here for. Theme music for the Un-televized Revolt!!!! Not to overlook the fact that The African Slave has been replaced in this country right under the noses of the dumb deaf and blind.
Band/artist history
This all came about over the course of years. After having emcees i looked up to and watching them flop, I kind of just tuned out of the mainstream rap scene all together. It's even to the point that Rakim cant even come out with an album in this industry of POP. None of the pioneers really, but they do have room in the Underground. Just to think that 50 Cent said his favorite rapper was Rakim. I dont see where it rubbed off in his Ideology at all. Stop Self Destruction!!!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've only been live in Germany a few times. Never in the U.S. There's no comradary here.
Your musical influences
Mr. Lif, J-Live, Common, Akrobatic, Juice, Mos Def, Bahamadia, Talib Kweli (when he actually sticks to hiphop), Rakim, YZ, a thousand others with dope vinyls out.
What equipment do you use?
Triton, Pro Tools, MPC 2000
Anything else?
Bush is a joke. The federal government knew restitution was and still is a joke. Black Cops are parrallel to Crack Rocks. Black and Brown people should vote for our own leadership. So that things like the New Orleans flood would have been worked out soon as the storm cleared instead of 5 days later waiting on this country to help people it didnt even want to become citizens in the first place. Free all political prisoners held captive by the real Looters of the World. You cant terrorize a terrorist Mr. Bush, that's called Retaliation!!!! All bullies get it back in the long run.