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Blue Valentine
Blue Valentine
2 Tracks
Accoustic Folk Rock with layered guitars, cello, flute, accordion. Fresh lyrics, rolling rhythms, sing along choruses.
Blue Valentine is a groovy liitle duo that can be easily coaxed to perform with other bands including their favorite touring partners, The Infidels. George Batista (guitar, mandolin, bass, harmonica and vocals) and Johnna Zimmerman-Batista (guitar, flutes, accordion, harmonica, percussion and vocals) perform mainly in Texas but are looking to put together a national tour in 2006. "Wake Up Call" (2003) is a collection of 17 songs recorded live at various venues around Texas and "We See You" (2005) is the debut studio release for Blue Valentine, with 12 original songs including "Andrea Yates" as heard on NPR.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Blue Valentine loves to play live. Our most memorable moments thus far have been opening for John Dee Graham and playing with The Infidels.
Your musical influences
We are into all kinds of music. We love the Pogues and Shane McGowan. We love Nick Cave and PJ Harvey and Rodney Crowell and Al Stewart, The Waterboys and David Gray. We love great lyrics with music that fits them. We want to start a rock and roll accoustic folk revival or at least be part of one.
What equipment do you use?
We are Ovation Artists.
Anything else?
Blue Valentine will come to you. Also, we are looking for podsafe music to feature on our podcast.