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louis blanchard
jonesboro, AR  USA
August 31, 2005
2,800 plays
Born in the farming community of Waldenburg, Arkansas, Louis grew up about as country as you can get. At the age of two he wrote his first song while riding in the truck with his Dad. The song consisted of two Words repeated continuously for at least an hour or more. One Day..One Day..One Day.. Fortunately his writing ability has improved somewhat with time. Over the years he was influenced by a variety of music and artists. Mostly country and southern gospel music in the 70’s and then pop and southern rock in the early 80’s. In the mid 80’s he was drawn back to country music by artists like Alan Jackson and George Strait. They are still his biggest influences today. After high school he began writing gospel songs. Not knowing yet that writing was to later become his career choice. He was just writing as a way of letting out what he was feeling inside his soul. That is still a major part of his writing now. When he married the first time, his writing kind of took a back seat. He started a singing ministry (Cross Your Heart Ministries) which took up most of his spare time. His wife passed away in 1999. For thirteen years he had put his own desires on hold and dedicated himself to providing his wife with everything she needed and tried his best to give her all she wanted. Now he found himself alone and lost and no way to clear his head of the questions of why, and what to do. His outlet again was writing. He wrote the song “Me Time” and it said it all. From then on, there was no stopping. He has now written over sixty songs. He has married again and has three beautiful children. I guess to sum it up, Louis has had most of the same feelings that most people have had. He has been poor, happy, brokenhearted, but most of all he has been blessed with his family and the gift of writing great songs directly from the heart. So if you like songs you can identify with, songs written by Louis Blanchard are for you.
Your musical influences
My musical influences are George Strait, Alan Jackson, George Jones.....
Anything else?
I have a new song posted, titled "Come ON To ME". It is the song we did at the Tunesmith seminar in Nashville. I could use your votes on my page at songramp. http://www.songramp.com/homepage.ez?Form.sess_id=392434&Form.sess_key=1029598506 and my site at bandspace
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