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Loud, Fun, Party Rock!
CHERRY BOMB - Colorado's GREATEST Rock and Roll Band!
Band/artist history
CHERRY BOMB was formed in the 1980s by Rodney DiAngelo and Bobby Diamond. Rodney and Bobby were in a band called HOT ARMOR PRESS that wore make-up and seven-inch heels! This popular KISS clone was semi-succesful, and was booked all over Denver. They played in such diverse places as roller rinks, and auditoriums. Once they were out of their teen years, the band broke up. Rodney came up with an idea of a band that still did the same type of show, without the make-up, but with all the GLAM and PRESENCE of all the great 80s Arena bands. The idea was to be the band that they always wanted to see! "We want to do a show just like the 'Big-Boys', but on a local level!" exclaimed Rodney at the time. This way the local audience could see a REAL ARENA TYPE rock and roll SHOW, at an affordable price! He approached Bobby with the idea and Bobby was all for it! The boys added Dennis Ward, (ex Distraction) on lead guitar, and Jimmy Kirkwood, (ex Paper Doll) on bass and were on their way! The new band, CHERRY BOMB , soon found a loyal following, and played for 7 straight years, becoming one of Colorados Famed Rock and Roll Legends! CHERRY BOMB opened for several 80s Teen Idols, including Leif Garret at the Lakeside Speedway for the March of Dimes Super Party! The band was a critical success. In the mid 1980s CHERRY BOMB garnished a COLORADO COMPOSER CLASSIC Semi-Finalist Award for the song SHEILA. In 1986 CHERRY BOMB was voted Colorado's LOUDEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND! Soon after, they decided to hang it up for awhile and raise families. In 1992 Bobby and Rodney created the Television Show ROCK TALK LIVE! , which they co-wrote, and starred in. The TV Show, with Super Producer and ACE winner Barney Self at the helm, was also a critical success, and was nominated for a Cable ACE Award for BEST LOCALLY PRODUCED COMEDY/VARIETY TELEVISION SHOW. The TV Show finally went off the air in late 1994, and Bobby and Rodney were out of the entertainment business for the first time in years. Then in 2003, lifelong friend, Jeff Cathcart, asked Rodney if the band would re-unite to do a special Christmas show for CROWN FORKLIFTS. Rodney was all for it and Bobby soon followed. Bobby and Rodney called upon old friend and 80's local music icon Johnny Dark to join the band on bass, and they played the one-time show! After this show, the boys were asked by numerous fans when they would be playing again! Rod, Bob and John were quick to recognize what they had. Soon enough, CHERRY BOMB was back and playing all over town! John soon took on a new project, managing his sons' band, and this started taking up more and more of his time due to that bands great success and busy schedule. John would have to leave the band! Luckily Rod ran into Kevin Card while playing in a softball tournament against him. Rod told Kevin of the plans he had for CHERRY BOMB, and Kevin was aboard. The band has been very busy since, headlining shows all over Colorado in various line ups, but one thing remains constant, ... These Boys Know How To ROCK!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We DO play live, in fact we pride ourselves on a GREAT LIVE SHOW. Seeing a CHERRY BOMB SHOW is am EXPERIENCE. We try to make it an EVENT, ... not just another night out at some local bar. We do large clubs, auditoriums, and an occasional bar for special events.
Your musical influences
KISS, Cheap Trick, Ramones, Nugent, TDN, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Dave Edmunds, Scorpions, Archies, Monkees
What equipment do you use?
Gibson, Hamer USA, Marshall, Pearl, Zyldjian
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