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Aardvark (TX - USA)
Aardvark (TX - USA)
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High Energy Melodic Instrumental Rock
Stories From the Great Unknown_eq
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Aardvark 02 - Without A Net_eq
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Aardvark - I'm Calling Your Bluff
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Aardvark - Second Opinion
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Aardvark - Room Temperature v2
I have decided to make the vast majority of this stuff freely downloadable. I'm not making any money on CD Baby so what the heck. If you like my music feel free to share it with your friends. The genesis of Aardvark was the meeting of Rusty Gumbo and Manfred (Manny) Trendelenberg in High School detention. Manny was caught smoking in the boys room & Rusty made an inappropriate comment to the school principal during a pep rally. Conversation ensued. They discovered little in common with the exception of Rock & Roll and girls. Manny began playing piano at age 4 when his parents forced him to take lessons from the little old lady across the street. He's still taking lessons from the same little old lady who is now 97. She thinks he may have a small amount of talent. Rusty (his given name is Russell) picked up the guitar (literally) during a burglary. He was 12 years old and was arrested in the act. "I was young and stupid. But that guitar spoke to me." Chen-Ao Martinez-Jones met Rusty during a fight at a local convenience store. Rusty started the fight & Chen finished it. Conversation ensued. They discovered little in common with the exception of Rock & Roll and girls. Chen started out on the guitar, playing with a punk-ska-hip-hop band "Amoeba" before switching to Bass. He took to the Bass like a rat to spoiled garbage. Kenny Beluga was a straight-A student in High School and was elected Class President his senior year. He was voted "Most Likely To Succeed" by his classmates. He was the quarterback of the football team and they won the state championship by 97 points that year. Unfortunately for Kenny, he blew out both knees when two linebackers from the other team made a sandwich of his legs (the game was well out of reach by that time). Kenny joined the school band in 8th grade & chose the percussion section. He promptly mastered every instrument in sight. Kenny met Rusty at the Police Station while visiting his father, the Chief-of-Police. Rusty was being booked for stealing a set of guitar strings. Conversation ensued. They discovered little in common with the exception of Rock & Roll. These four young men from divergent backgrounds and social strata decided to form a band. They set up shop in the garage of the Beluga home, as his parents were the most open to loud music pulsing from the premises. After several weeks they had mastered sufficient material to play at the High School Talent Show where they finished last. This lead to a gig at the Police Bazaar & Carnival where they were cited for excessive noise and, in Rusty's case, lewd behavior. Kenny's father was able to get the charges dropped. This notoriety gained them paying jobs at local clubs & college frat parties. They slowly began to build a rabid following of mostly drunk rednecks who cited their renditions of the ancient Celtic song "Green Grass & Cold Beer" as a favorite. After three years of gigging all around Texas and Oklahoma, they hit upon the idea of writing and playing their own music. All four contributed to the process. Naturally, fights over creative control and musical direction took place often. One fight resulted in a broken hand for Chen. Fortunately it was his right hand, so he could still play the Bass. This CD is the culmination of many years of effort by our intrepid heroes. Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the debut release from Aardvark! Now for the TRUTH: This CD was written, recorded, & mixed by one guy in his spare time using a computer, sequencing and sampling software and several virtual instruments. No live instruments were harmed in the making of this CD. Thanks to Cubase SE, Native Instruments Kompakt, Music Labs RealGuitar, Arturia minimoog V, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Synth1, 4Front Piano, and the ZR-3 Organ.
Band/artist history
Read the Bio.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No. This is 100% Computer generated - No live instruments were harmed in the creation of this music.
Your musical influences
Beatles, Who, Yes, ELP, Genesis, Creedence, Rush, Transatlantic, Spock's Beard, Kansas, Klaatu, many others.
What equipment do you use?
AMD Athlon XP 5600+, Cubase SE, MusicLab RealGuitar, Arturia Minimoog V, MAudio M-Tron, Garritan Personal Orchestra, ZR-3 Organ, Synth1, SampleTank 2.5, SampleTron, SampleMoog, other soft synths & effects.
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