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The Death Parade
The Death Parade
1 Track
Industrial Rock and Roll with Heavy Glam influences. Uses Blues and country style guitaring in our own twisted way.
Nursery Crimes
Peak in sub-genre #21
Milton Keynes one and only Shock Rock band. Sporting Songs like Scabs over Scars, Mental Genocide and Kiddie Killer The band is known for its bluesy country style with a huge evil twist with its grimacingly loud choruses and shockingly disturbing lyrics aswell as a big fuck you attitude. Even to the hand that feeds.
Band/artist history
The band Pinky and the death parade Originally started off as a fascination of serial killers and horrer stories. Dahmer, or real name Matthew, was fixated on the idea of seemingly normal people being able to transform through a Jekyl and Hyde type of transformation into cold hearted killers and sexually crazed necrophiliacs. As psychology was one of Dahmers other fascinations he created this idea of the alternate ego. This meant that he could become something he had never been able to do. The idea behind the band is the story of the ultimate innocence also behind the ultimate sin. Pinky is an innocent and cartoon like name but is compared with the death parade. A parade of murder, disease and rape. But the idea was to show each in a different light. The cartoons shown today are full of inuendo's and graphicly decadent references and death can be a nice situation. Like the feeling of completion. The reasons for the band names is as such. The band is about the alter-ego. Dahmer wanted to create another ego to give him the confidence of performing and singing onstage. As Matthew he was shy and quiet but he wanted to be the entertainer. The pied piper of Rock and Roll. It became a necessity to become someone else with the confidence to become a performer. He had to create a name which reflected the idea behind the band. That name was pinky.j.dahmer. Based on the cartoon like character and the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. His first real partner in crime was a someone called Calvin Dent. Matthew and Calvin had been friends for a few years and wanted to work on the project together. Calvin took on the name Evil Bert. Bert being from Sesame Street. The band started off as Bert jamming on the bass using more or less chromatic styled riffs with Dahmer playing country like acoustic riffs. Whilst this was going on many people had half heartedly become members of the band including Gaz (guitar) Patty (drums) Then Micheal (guitar) and Andrew (drums). Nothing was falling together and the band was getting nowhere. Eventually Calvin met James, a drummer from the same School as him. He was interested in bands such as Cradle of Filth and Marilyn Manson. Now they had a proper drummer Dahmer rushed to get a guitarist who came in the form of Tom. Tom had only been playing for three weeks but was a keen musician so they asked him to come to a jamming session with them. James took up the name Zippy and Tom took up the name Fozzie Gaskins. Tom turned out to be a very wise decision. He took to creating weird riffs based on country and blues with heavy metal type rock riffs for the choruses. Their first song came into the form of prelude which was jammed in their first practise together. This song explained the whole theory of the death parade. "Georgie Porgy pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry, rape rape rape rape." These were the lyrics that Dahmer would base their first studio album on. Late 2003 Their bassist, Evil Bert was flagging. As well as being a bad musician he would be late for practises and then would refuse to play. This created many problems for the band as they were all progressing fast and wanted to take to the stage as quick as they could. Eventually after threatening to quit and not turning up to a practise Dahmer, Zippy and Gaskins decided to kick him out of the band. Dahmer introduced their newest member, Kevin. Kevin played both bass and guitar and was the best bassist in the school. He jumped at the chance to join the band and came in the form of Chuckie Nilsen. Nilsen and Dahmer started rewriting the bass lines and started creating more songs almost instantly. It all seemed well for the death parade and their first gig came in August of 2004 at a local band blitz competition. They didn't win but felt it went well for their first gig. The band situation then started to get complicated. There was backstabbing and lying which caused the whole band to be uncomfortable at practises. Eventually practises ceased and there were talks of replacing Kevin. Eventually this was resolved and the band started creating again. But even at a later gig in December there was plenty of tension onstage. The band didn't remeet until they recorded their first studio album early 2005. Their was an argument before with Dahmer and Zippy which led to tension in the studio and resulted in a poorly executed album. But it pulled through. Albums started selling and soon Dahmer met Aaron. Aaron had been at a previous gig and then they remet at another band gig Dahmer played guitar for called Hezy. Aaron asked about being a rhythm guitarist for the death parade but Dahmer told him they weren't looking for another guitarist but a keyboardist. The next day Aaron brought a brand new keyboard. The band re-met and are now getting their material ready for their future gigs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're currently sorting a UK tour for 2006. One of my personal favourite band moments was playing in a Catholic School and reading my lyrics out of the Holy Bible. as well as supporting Kiss Tribute.
Your musical influences
Our main musical Influences would come from the Punky Metal bands such as Murderdolls as well as industrual bands such as Manson or NIN.
What equipment do you use?
For recordings we use Yamaha Drums with Zidjan Cymbals. Guitars - Les Puals and Ibanez and Marshall amps. Bass - Washburn and Beihringer amps. And yamaha keyboards