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Orange Pekoe
Orange Pekoe
1 Track
AFI black sabbath the used my chemical romance punk metal rock emo indie jazz blues swing core scream
Todd - Guitar et Back-ups Andrew - Vocallls Eric - Drummah and Sean - BlackBassMan We like bands that we like.
Band/artist history
Well, Todd is French, and he's cool, he was in a good band before, but he saw that our band had coolness. He's a good man at the tar-tar! Eric was in a crappy band, so we stole his awesome drumming capabilities and his dedication from his crappy band, 'cause it was crappy.... Really crappy... and I (andrew)... well.... I'm a singer.... but I'm native so that means I have good hunting skills, so don't hate or andrew get mad... Sean is black. i love the people who read this.... cause its hat!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet, but we got invinted to Toronto for a huge concert by EMERGENZA!! And we got another show in January in a huge church... And the special moment is loving Le Todd...
Your musical influences
AFI, Black Sabbath (how ironic cause Sean is black), Underoath
What equipment do you use?
Madd beat-boxing skeelz
Anything else?
Todd, Andrew and Sean are beautiful guys. and eric is jus pritty