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Z Mann Zilla And The Worlds Largest Trio
Z Mann Zilla And The Worlds Largest Trio
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Hip-Hop, in a head-on collision with Vaudeville!
Bite Down On The Hook
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We're Gonna Blindfold Ben
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Blindfolded Guitarists! Lightsaber Duels! Dancing! Drawings! Instruments! Costumes! Hip-hop! And above all... The Heckling Hands Of Chaos! This is the typical experience of a Z. Mann Zilla & The World's Largest Trio performance. Old-school rap collides head-first with classic vaudeville showmanship, and is accompanied by Western New York's keenest improvisational musicians.
Band/artist history
In early January 2005, porn-store clerk and web designer Z. Mann Zilla got bored and decided to participate in an open mike. He brought along a pre-recorded CD of two songs - "Yarrah Kollon Sikh Kuriye" by Panjabi M.C., and Mick Foley's entrance theme from the WWE. Zilla played these tracks, and put on a bizarre 10-minutes of rap and dancing, then went home and thought nothing more of it. Several days later, Zilla came home from work, and was congratulated for having booked a show, at a club called Broadway Joe's. Not considering himself a musician, Zilla was curious as to how he could have possibly been booked for a show, when he never spoke to anyone about such a thing. It turns out that a booker for Broadway Joe's was looking for a third act to put on a bill, and had seen Zilla at that open mike, and suggested him to Buffalo-based perv rock band Roach. Roach, in a desperate hustle to get some press out about the show, had already listed Zilla as appearing. Zilla shrugged, decided to allow fate to be fate, and agreed to do the show. Then he found out the show was a mere THREE DAYS from when he was informed of it! Zilla turned to all of his musician friends for help. He quickly wrote some songs, learned a couple of covers, and sat down with Mike Sentman, Jesse Buckner, and Brad Timm to try and prepare for the show. They were joined FIVE MINUTES BEFORE HITTING THE STAGE by guitarist Ben Hicock, and pulled a one-hour set out of their metaphorical asses, while those who looked on screamed and cheered for an encore. Since then, Z. Mann Zilla & The World's Largest Trio has taken on crowds of all sizes, from Merlin's to the Music Is Art Festival, and continued to shock and amaze all in attendance.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The World's Largest Trio is a live act by nature. No two shows are ever the same. Z. Mann Zilla often writes songs and sketches specifically for one show, and never performs them again, making each and every World's Largest Trio show a unique and unparalleled experience.
Your musical influences
Nerd-rappers like MC Chris, Insane Clown Posse and Luke Ski, improvisational jam bands like Gravitator, and several bands that don't exist yet but will soon.
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