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Accrington, United Kingdom
March 02, 2003
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This site displays some of the diversity of music and musicians that I've had the good fortune to work with. There are some songs I've written in collaboration with various other artists and some demos of my own songs. I have been in as many as 6 bands at once, but at the moment I am concentrating mainly on Dicko's Boogie Band. It's nice to know I'm still in demand as a drummer. I sometimes get phone calls out of the blue from bands based up to 50 miles away, asking if I'll join them, or stand in for the odd gig. Unfortunately I have to turn most of those offers down as I don't have my own transport. There is also another band in the pipeline that I may be working with a lot more next year. I'll keep you posted. If you're wondering about the picture, that was taken on a gig with "Blowjangles", a local community streetband. I had to retire from my role as their musical director in order to concentrate on gigging with "Dicko's Boogie Band" but I may still do the odd gig with them. You can find out more about them on their website (just run the name through a search engine). I mixed and mastered some of their recordings. You can find one of the tracks on my new soundclick page - www.soundclick.com/wobbly. That site has examples of my productions of other people's songs. Most of them are recorded to demo standard.
Band/artist history
The music I've posted is a selection from my musical history - My greatest hits (on the drums) you might say! It spans a wide expanse of genres and a lot of years! For the past few years I've been working on a debut album for a new artist called John McKeon. I should be releasing it in 2004 so look out for that. For a sample of the stuff I'm producing right now, go to the "Chaslyn" or "JohnMcKeon" sites. For live recordings go to "Dickosboogieband". Songs I produce for other people goto "Wobbly". For songs that are available for sale, go to www.songscribbler.com - My songs are on the link at the bottom of this page.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live with various local bands in Lancashire, England. I gig mostly with Dicko's Boogie Band at the moment. They have their own site on Soundclick where you can hear some live recordings.
Your musical influences
I am influenced by everything I hear so you will recognise many genres in my music. My style as a producer lends more toward the ambient or acoustic side of pop but as a drummer I prefer to play in the styles of commercial/heavy rock, blues, funk and reggae.
What equipment do you use?
I have a large collection of drums and percussion including many home made instruments. The kit I currently use cost me the princely sum of 2. I got bits given to me that were being thrown away. It looks awful but sounds great! I used to have a Pearl kit but had no space for it when I moved to Lancashire from London, so I had to sell it. strangely, it didn't sound as good as the one I have now! On the recording side, I have a set of Yamaha midi drum pads and a Casio keyboard and I record digitally into my PC through a Soundblaster Audigy using Logic Platinum 5. All my recordings so far are 16 bit 44.1K as my PC is too slow to record in 24 bit. I get some good results for only 16 bit though!
Anything else?
I'm always interested in collaborating with people over the internet. I often add drum tracks to MP3's that solo artists send to me. Also I like to record on the rocket network. Unfortunately though, Rocket closed its doors to public collaboration earlier this year. It's been bought out by the makers of Pro Tools and will only be used for their customers' benefit. :o( Oh well, such is life! Some of the original members of the Rocket Network are now running a new collaboration site. If you're looking for collaborators for your projects, you'd be hard pushed to find a better and more talented bunch than those at www.rocketears-online.net Ultimately I would like to produce more new artists and songwriters who would like to get better quality recordings for release on the internet. For details of the projects I'm currently working on, click the "News" link. If you'd like me to comment on, or produce any of your songs, email me. Downloads of one of my more successful songs "Dreaming", together with some others, can now be bought for only 50p each from "Songscribbler" at this link ...
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Accrington, United Kingdom
March 02, 2003
3,993 plays