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Bling Bling Gat Cartel
Bling Bling Gat Cartel
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All Along The Mandrake Grove
Peak in sub-genre #48
Mail Order Bride
Peak position #25
Bling Gat Are Nang
Peak position #95
Yo Homie Wot Up Fool
Peak in sub-genre #8
The Cockney Song
Peak in sub-genre #9
We are a comedy rap-metal band (which we classify as rap-metal cheese) originating from the mean streets of north london suburbia. We comprise: Leaky D Stereo MC A.K.A LL Buff D Phalco A.K.A DJ Flexx Also: MC Octave
Band/artist history
Leaky D - Wanted a band to play jokes music, aside from serious projects... Enter Phalco - Had only started playing guitar and wanted a spoof-band to play in while I improve on guitar. MC Octave - Wanted to be part of the band Phalco was talking so much about. Our 1st song - Tumberlace Vs Da Dillinja - went down well with our friends so we decided to record a 2nd song. This song (which hasn't as yet been officially titled) is known by most of our friends as The Cockney Song because of its lyrics and music inspired by cockney culture and the film, 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'. A month after this song was recorded a 5-track CD was burnt for Phalco including the 2 BBGC songs. This CD was lent to friends, who copied it and sent it to their friends, and unbeknown to us reached about 50 people. It was after about 3 of Phalco's aquaintances came to his house to say they loved the 2 songs they had heard that BBGC recorded a remix of Tumberlace Vs Da Dillinja to the tune of 'All along the watchtower' called All Along The Mandrake. We had by now decided to finish an album, but hadn't done anything about it until about 3 more people Phalco didn't know told him they loved 'that song you did'. It was at this stage we realised there was an appeal to BBGC and later projects ensued.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at the moment. We'll see after we finish the album.
Your musical influences
Goldie Lookin' Chain and The Beastie Boys
What equipment do you use?
Its all about the Cubase
Anything else?
We do not endorse gun violence, despite the band name
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