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Melancholy (Poland)
Emotional/Atmospheric Rock
2 songs
304 plays
full of emotions calm ballad - similar to something written by Anathema
We are emotional/atmospheric rock band, inspired of Anathema and Opeth. More about the band you can read at our official website - www.melancholy.siec200.pl
Band/artist history
Everything began in autumn of 2000. The band rised up from the hands of Jacek Brzezina (drums) and Piotr Christ (guitar). Before long they confirmed as new members Darek Dugosz (keyobard), Rafa Szopiñski (guitar) and Elwira Sabiga (voice). Came into existance band ' Symbioza ' which started it's 'career' in Palac of Youth in Katowice. The Beginning (as everywhere) was a bit difficult - few mates wanted to found a band, buy an equipment, rehearsal place...and it was started. Huge fervour to play started to rise from day after day, and the band was unwinding ( and still is). Important part of Melancholy is our mentor and artistic head-master - mr Bogdan Kosieñ, who has helped us since the beginning ( Thank You !) As always in life, we've got personality problems and after when Elwira had left us, we met Agnieszka Kotas - and confirmed her as the bassist. Shortly then, finally the new vocalist - Krzysztof Wróbel joined the band. After Rafal's divergence, crew proceed tortures during the seek for new guitarist. But fortune had smiled for them, and gave Pawe Popenda (Pudel). Being into alike squad we changed our name into ' Melancholy ' and opened the gates for unknown. We played about hundred live shows, in Katowice, Krakow, Wrocaw and other cities in southern Poland , we've got tiny hope that one day we'll get longer, real tour and found a label.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We played about hundred live shows, especially in our region - southern Poland
Your musical influences
Anathema,My Dying Bride, Opeth, Katatonia,Radiohead,Dream Theater...