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Dark Project
Dark Project
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Alternative Band from India. Dark Project is not the name of the band but is just a project which aims at the formation of a band playing alternative music. I
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Band/artist history
Dark Project was formed in May-June 2004. The band consisted of just two members intially, Sudipto and Sauvik. Making an effort for their once seen school dream of doing the unthinkable, it started off with their first single Rainwashed Bricks which was mostly an experimental track. The band (a duo back then) released their first audio project, a self titled EP (Dark project EP). The EP was just an effort towards that dreamt of goal with minimalistic resources, thought based lyrics, heavy sequencing and programming. With their band base being Kharagpur / Kolkata, the band attained its full line up in Feb 2006 after the release of Sauvik and Sudipto's last duo effort Alone. The band made their debut on stage on March 2006 at Riviera (cultural fest of Haldia Institute of Technology). After a consistent work from May 2006 to Dec 2006, the band is ready with their latest album "Chaos Sessions". The band grew with each song but the main focus remained to stay alternative with thought based lyrical content. The album draws heavy influences from each band member's cultural background. Their distinct personalities shaped by the diversity of the cultures that they hail from culminates to form the powerful expression named "Chaos Session". The name of the album itself derives from the famous chaos theory, butterfly effect saying "Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a tornado to appear halfway around the world", which in a way is exactly what music does. The album is also a statement in itself which proves that if one does not forsake ones ideas, even with the bare minimum of resources, the idea can be pulled off. The band feels confident that their creative talents can make a difference in the way people look at life. Dark Project is: Sudipto Biswas - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars Ugyal Tshering Lama - Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonica Sauvik Biswas - Guitars, Sequencing, Programming Bakaraju Bharat - Bass Guitar Arunava Chakrabarti - Drums, Rhythm Programming
What equipment do you use?
Mostly DIY stuff. You can read about the process here
Anything else?
Our country seriously needs a makeover. People are very ignorant about our country because they get a false illusion projected by media and photgraphers. Our country is more than a bunch of poor guys and Taj Mahal. Please do us a favour and listen to the tracks.
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