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Dj Solstice
Dj Solstice
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If you are looking for Dance, Trance, Funkyhouse, RnB, Garage, Hiphop and more then you have found the right place. I work both as Solstice and 5am.
NEW NEWS NEW ALTER ALIAS PAGE HAS JUST BEEN INCLUDED TO SOUNDCLICK, AS ALL NEW HOUSE PRODUCTION WILL BE UNDER THE NAME HUSH CAT. CHECK OUT MY NEW REMIX OF X-PRESS 2 - KILL 100 Hi, my name is Scott Dacey and I go under the Pseudonym of Solstice and sometimes DJ Solstice although I prefer the former these days. I am a producer of quite a wide range of styles, particularily in the electronic scene. I do trance, house all the way to urban music. The music I produce under the name Solstice is mainly all my dance side of things. I am one of the main founders of 5am Productions (the other being Kemistry). We have been going for two years now, and aim to promote and produce all kinds of urban music ranging from dancehall to garage to rnb. Here is a link to our 5am myspace site :- I have been producing for about roughly seven years now, I aim to try and get my music out to as many people as I can and try to work with many more artists. I have had music played out by various big name DJ's such as Above and Beyond, Darren Briais, Judge Jules and more. The aim for me, is to get into as many styles as I can, and continue to merge the elements together. Knowledge from one style helps you gain originality when producing another style. Most of what you will find here for now is in the trance genre. Come over to this site to see more on myself and other artists who are promoting their music through aftershock. Aftershockrecords is an online promotion site for artists who can become a part of Aftershock by winning a competition which is held regularly. The winners get their own page and can promote their own material. They aren't bound to any contract and are free to search for labels who are interested. The idea of creating competitions to get people on the site allows us to include only artists who we think are good enough. We speak to labels regularly and get them to look into the site for their own benefit as well as the artists just incase they spot someone who they think is good enough to work with. Have a look for youselves.
Band/artist history
5am breif history. Originally we were Blackmagic putting on our own nights and doing radio statins across the UK. We were known particularily in the midlands where the urban scene was better appreciated (as opposed to north were I happen to be from). We eventally scrapped Blackmagic as it wasn't going to get far enough. Instead 5am was born and is still going strong now. We have done several live performances and a music video. We currently work on music constantly and are working with much bigger and better vocal artists. Our album is currently getting completed.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Although I used to dj, ive concentrated much more on my production side now. I do however play live percussion to house music, and also samba.
Your musical influences
Many names, such as Tiesto, PVD, Mauro Picotto, Ferry Corsten.
What equipment do you use?
I own a full studio, but use a lot of software, as I feel this has really come on over the past few years. My main production sequencer is Cubase SX, but I use many many more software accessories around this.
Anything else?
Look out for 5am in the future, and also the video on Channel U. The song is Mi Nino Latino. I hope you can liste to my music and also give me feedback. If you are a dj looking for new music, feel free to play it in your set. Please let me know how it went.
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