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PROTOTYPE is a four piece ProgressiveAggressive Melodic Metal band from Los Angeles CA Come hear and see what the Metal Undergrounds critics and fans have been
PROTOTYPE is a Progressive/Aggressive Melodic Metal four piece band from Los Angeles. We are stirring the underground thanks to praise and acclaim from fans and critics alike.
Band/artist history
In 1994, the two remaining members of prominent Los Angeles thrash band PSYCHOSIS formed the original lineup of PROTOTYPE. Kragen Lum (guitar) and Vince Levalois (vocals, guitar), together with a new drummer and bassist, recorded three of their newest compositions for their highly acclaimed "Seed" demo. Critics worldwide have praised "Seed" as one of the top metal recordings available, even referring to it as a benchmark for today's aggressive/melodic progressive metal. After extensive club appearances in support of "Seed," Lum and Levalois reentered the studio in 1997 to record their independent CD "Cloned," which again received international critical and fan acclaim. This session marked the first collaboration with new drummer Pat Magrath, formerly of Edel America Records act Killing Culture. Bassist Kirk Scherer joined PROTOTYPE in 1999. His solid rhythm and songwriting abilities completing the band's former lineup. Having parted ways with Magrath in 2002. Since then, PROTOTYPE have collaborated with session drummers. Nic Ritter (Warbringer), appeared on the band's demo release for 2008. Now after 7 years, Pat Magrath rejoins the ranks as drummer for PROTOTYPE. Based in Los Angeles, PROTOTYPE continues to push the boundaries of metal's status quo. Throughout the years, the Lum/Levalois songwriting team has produced some of the most innovative progressive/aggressive music in the worldwide underground metal scene. The band breaks the rules of meshing styles without compromising musical integrity. Their songs boast an array of powerful melody, progression and passion combined with futuristic overtones, while still retaining a heavy attitude. Levalois' lyrics poetically and often metaphorically explore topics of history, humanity and the questioning of one's faith. These phrasings are honest words derived from personal emotion, conflict and educated experience, which serve to reinforce the band's drive and musical direction. PROTOTYPE has shared live billing with FATES WARNING, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, DEATH, HAMMERFALL, NEVERMORE, MERCYFUL FATE, ENTOMBED, EXODUS, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, MORBID ANGEL and GRIP INC., among many others. These professional collaborations have provided the experience and knowledge needed to excel both on and off the stage. The partnership of Lum and Levalois has flourished for more than a decade, during which time they have developed local, national and international recognition through extensive club performances and one-on-one communication with fans and press at home and abroad. PROTOTYPE continues this grass roots approach to self-promotion by distributing their albums through independent retailers worldwide, and by securing airplay on U.S., South American and European radio programs, where they have achieved regular to heavy rotation. Recently, PROTOTYPE was asked to provide a track for the then upcoming GUITAR HERO III video game by Activision. Upon submitting a few new songs, the game producers chose "The Way It Ends" from the band's second full length release "Continuum." Now part of video game history, the song lives on as one of the most difficult to master on the game, inciting gamers around the world to step up to the challenge. Aside from GUITAR HERO III, PROTOTYPE has also appeared on other releases such as MTX: MOTOCROSS, TRUE CRIME: L.A. and TONY HAWK'S DOWNHILL JAM. PROTOTYPE's music represents the consummate intersection of aggressive and progressive song construction, offering a high-energy performance that showcases exceptional musicianship in compositions that remain astonishingly melodic. Now preparing for their third full length release, PROTOTYPE will once more break barriers with their unique brand of Metal.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Booking agents / Clubs... call (818) 406-3001 if you want to book PROTOTYPE
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You decide.
What equipment do you use?
Mesa/Boogie ESP Guitars Jackson Guitars & Basses Spector Basses Rocktron GHS Strings Digital Music Corporation Spaun Drums Paiste Cymbals Aquarian Heads
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