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Jenna Desiree
Jenna Desiree
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Vocals, Piano, and some Guitar. Beautifully written, heart felt lyrics, and memorable melodies. The one, the only, Miss Jenna Desiree.
Go F*** Yourself
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I'm So Sorry....... I'm Not Sober..... Anymore
Before He Cheats
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TripleJ-Blue Moon
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Hi everybody! Thanks for taking a minute to look at my page. My name is Jenna, I'm 30 years old and I've been playing the piano since I was 8 but never really got into it till age 24 when my wonderful husband who is an awesome guitarist re-taught me how to play an instrument from my heart verses my head. I just recently started writing my own music including piano melody, base line, lyrics and all vocals. I have always loved to sing but other than concert choir at school, I was always too shy to sing for other people so the only place I'd ever sing was in the shower when no one was home. Now I have embraced my love of singing with my talent for piano and am trying to share my passion with others. I'm so excited about my new "hobby" and hope you like what I've been working on. Thanks for looking and for giving me a few moments of your time.
Band/artist history
Ummm... no band per say, just me and sometimes my hubby playing backup. :-)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have been singing in front of audiences since high school and sang for my church in the worship team and was in a little band called "Impact" but that's it... SO FAR. :-)
Your musical influences
hmmmmm.... I love the emotions behind Evanessence. And I adore Joe Satriani and Chicago from the 80's!! I also really like Stevie Ray Vaungh and Bob Segar. And of course can't forget Beethoven!
What equipment do you use?
Just a piano and my windpipes to start with. On some of my newer songs I have used electronic backtracks but since I don't make them myself, I have no idea what kind of equipment was used. I credit the person I got the track from so you can always ask that person if you are curious how they made it. Also, some of my songs have my husband's guitars which I have no idea about but you can read all about them at his site www.jimispier.com.
Anything else?
So far I have written 8 songs to completion. They are as follows: "Daddy's Little Girl" --this is my absolute favorite. My husband also agrees it is my best yet. It is dedicated to my own Daddy, Mike Wright, and is a beautiful song about the precious relationship between dads and daughters. (August 13, 2005) This is the first one I have recorded with my new microphone! "I never knew" --I wrote this song for my husband, Jimi Spier, to the backing of his song Emotions. (July 2005) This one has been recorded and I now just need to upload it. Check back soon! "I Love You, Goodbye" --this song was written about a very special person who was in my life but whom I no longer have contact with. I think this song has probably my most well written lyrics.(August 11, 2005) This has now been recorded and uploaded. "Please Don't Go" --this song was written with no intentions until after it was finished and I sang it for my husband we realized that it was subconsciously written about my fears a few years back when he had to work really late into the nights and I always worried something more was going on. (August 12, 2005) "So Many Tears" --a soft yet soulful melody about discovering myself and my inner woman. It's also about the struggles of growing up and pressures the parents and other people of authority have over you. (Originally written February 2004 entitled "This is Me" with my own piano backing. Revised 10/31/05 to the backing of "So Many Tears" a free beat from Infamous Beats Production.) Next on my list to record and upload! Check back soon! "Sick of the Money" --an upbeat comedy of a song with a great beat about the struggles of money in today's culture (March 2004) "Can't Live Without You" --a sweet song about my love for my husband James (April 2004) "Till I Had You" --a pretty melody I wrote for my little boy Jeffrey (April 2004) Covers I have completed or are in progress: Fur Elise Fur Elise with Strings Hang Gliders (for Judy-my mom) Pacabelle's Cannon in D -to be recorded soon Songs in progress:(Still working on some of the names too.) "Then Came You"/"Four Makes a Family" --a song I'm writing for my little girl Keirsten. "All About You" --this song is only halfway completed because I started it one night when i was very angry and after I calmed down, I never had the need to go back and finish it but I will someday. "My Friends" -- A song in progress for my best friends. Written to the backtrack of "Frosty's Jam" by Jimi Spier. "Here For You" -- A song in progress for my little sister Debbie. I think I have finally picked the backing I want to use for this though. It is titled "close to my heart" by Infamous Beats Productions. Thanks for the free beat guys! "Forever Yours" -- Yet another song in progress that I started back in early 2005 for Jimi. As soon as I have time I will record some more of my completed songs and I will upload them so you all can have a listen. :-) Stay tuned!
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