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Once Upon A Time 504
Once Upon A Time 504
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One of New Orleans newest and hottest bands!
Once Upon A Time
Peak in sub-genre #53
Welcome to Once Upon a Time on Sound Click Spreading like wildfire, Once Upon a Time is generating huge success among its local fans and on MySpace (over 1000 friends in a week and growing!). New Orleans based, Once Upon a Time is a band unlike any other with members ranging from White to Black, male to female, and even able to disabled. Drawing from countless musical inspirations, the genre-blurring sounds of Once Upon a Time are sure to offer something for everyone! Check out the site to really get a feel for what Once Upon a Time really is meet the band members, listen to some sample songs, and just otherwise take in the unique essence that is Once Upon a Time. Be sure to check back often, as we have merely just begun to own CDs and Tour dates soon to come!
Band/artist history
It all started about two years ago Myk, already wrapped up in a successful band of his own, was searching for a new bassist. After much searching, he found the perfect one Angel, the loveable little black bassist. Knowing talent when he sees it, but unsatisfied with the direction of his current band, Myk took Angel to form a new band, the likes which has never been seen, and called it Once Upon a Time. With a solid foundation, Myk and Angel only needed a handful more talented musicians to put their ideas into fruition. The first and obvious choice for a guitarist was Justen, a member of one of Angels former bands and a close friend he auditioned and blew them away. A team player, but with an edge of his own, Justen made early production of songs possible. Having run out of friends to recruit, but still needing a singer, the three put out ads to find the right sound. Eventually, they found just what they needed in Desiree. Beautiful, with a voice to match, Desirees vocals are destined to propel Once Upon a Time to the top of the charts! With the band collected, Once Upon a Time has set out to rock the world. Starting in their home state of Louisiana, mainly the New Orleans area, they are hoping to spread world-wide, offering their music to as many people as possible. With genuine love for the music above all else, Once Upon a Time keeps a close connection to their fans through various online means, not to mention frequently hanging out with those lucky enough to live nearby!
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