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Spec 4
Spec 4
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Im A OMA (One Man Army) On The Beats.
DONT FORGET TO LEAVE A COMMENT *Im A One Man Army On The Beats* Wassup Ladies and Gentlement, Spec-4 here, a promised producer here with lots and lots of talent, just waiting on a chance to show it. I got this sampling shit down to a fuckin science! Mainly looking for someone to just listen and recommend. Or if you rap, or just interested, then we can talk business. ALL BEATS ARE COPYRIGHTED SORRY, NO HANDOUTS *SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY* FREE BEATS ARE FOR MYSPACE AND SOUNDCLICK ONLY. (PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO "HOOK YOU UP:) TAGS WILL BE TAKEN OFF AFTER PURCHASE Spec 4 Productions: Licensing Rights ($75) This allows you to use a beat/track from me for one non-profitable purpose either a (website, radio play, live show, demo-tape, etc.) As the producer I still own the full rights to the beat/track and have full control over it. If you buy with this option, the beat/track will not be taken off the availabilty list and more artist can continue to buy this track with any of the three purchasing rights. Leasing Rights ($150): If you purchase with this option it entitles you to use it for one commercial purpose (album, mixtape, ect.) If you buy with this option, the track will continue to be available for all three rights to purchase by anyone. Exclusive Rights (Single Person $250) (Major Label $500) Purchasing with this option it entitles you to use it for any and all commercial purpose, you will own full rights to the track. If you buy with this option, the track will no longer be available for either a lease, license or exclusive purchase by anyone there after and will be removed from the site. To Produce A Whole Album $750 I will produce your whole album. All beats made will go towards your album and you will own their full rights. Custom Beat for an Artist: $150 I will remix an original track made by an artist. Artist must have acapella in MP3 format to email me and must know the BPM/Tempo of the song. *I do ask that you give credit to the producer on all tracks purchased. Email: valejo20012001@yahoo.com AIM: valejojohnson Yahoo: valejo20012001@yahoo.com If your an A&R contact me or leave a message on my email at valejo20012001@yahoo.com
Band/artist history
Valejo (Spec-4) Johnsons' whole producing carrer started when his cousin brought home a CD that his friend lended to him to get the music programs onto his home computer, so he can further his music. My cousin was a singer, not a famous one, but he was working on it. So when he walked into the room, I was on the computer at the time (We only had one computer, you know how black people do it), he placed the CD next to me and told me to install those programs onto my computer as soon as I got the chance. Now, at that age, I was a computer junkie, there wasnt anything that you couldnt have told me about a computer that I didnt already know. So when he walked away, I quit my game and inserted the CD into my CD drive and from that moment on, It changed my life. The CD had Fruityloops (4.5 I think) on it, Cool Edit Pro, and like 3 other musical programs on it. I installed all of the programs that was on the CD and returned the CD back to my cousin and got back to my computer. When I first opened Fruityloops, it was like I was tryin to read, Big 5 Chinese or some shit, I didnt even know what the fuck I was lookin, or what keys to press, or nuthin. I was just lost. After a few days, I started to slowly fool around with the stuff I was lookin at then, I finally got a beat. It sucked like hell, but what made me feel so good about it was, I FUCKIN MADE IT! No matter how bad you thought it sucked, you couldnt tell me that then, I was too full off of, "I Fuckin Made It". At the time I was a junior in high school so, you know I had to tell everybody that I made beats just so the females would, maybe hopefully, like me more and shit (that shit didnt work at all). After about a month of having the program, I created about 3 "beats", notice I put beats, not just instruments that was going off all at different times and shit, and I put them on a CD and took them to school wit me. When I got to school, I was kinda shy about pulling the CD out to let people hear it, cause I knew that I had just started making music and I wasnt the best at the craft. But as we all know, people dont care about how long you've been making them, it's either you suck or your good, point blank. So the whole first day, I shied out and noone got to listen to them. But the next day at school (It was a friday), I was showcasing them around like I was Dr. Dre or sum shit. The responses that I got back werent too bad, but they could tell that I just started. So then i'd ask, "What else do you think that I can put it in it to make it better? " Everyone always responded the infamous answer, "A Fucking Bassline". So i'd take their advice, go back to the lab (my little ass computer), and try. I say try cause that shit never really worked out lol, so i'd just say "fuck it" and start a new beat. I started getting into congos and bongos and those types of percussions, and I'll put them into my beats or, I'll lead a whole beat with just bongos. It never really turned out too bad, plus it was step up from my lesson, "Learning To Make Good Music". All my life, from Chicago to Milwaukee then to Fort Knox, i've always lived in a certain kind of complex area, where there was more than one building that looked just like the one I was living in. Also, In the complex, there was always a building that was used that was..... The office biulding for the complex. This office building had computers in the basement that was used for the children's homework help center. So I started going down there alot because, number one: they had internet, number two: there was some fine ass moms. So, after about 2 weeks of going down there constantly, I was meeting new people. The few that I knew were guys that was down there for the same reasons I was, so we all got a kick outta that shit. Then one day, I installed Fruityloops on one of the computers that was down there, and made a quick beat. It wasnt like, Dr. Dre-ish but it was presentable. I told one of the guys to come over and listen to it, he said that it was pretty good and went back to his computer. That put me in the mind of, damn this beat must suck. So after about 20 more minutes of just sitting around down there, I decided to just go back to the house. After I got off of the elevator, something told me to go say hi to the women at the front desk before i left. When I got there, the guy who I let hear my beat earlier pointed at me and said "Here he is". So im looking at them like, what the fuck is going on. Then he said, "Her son does gospel rap". So im guessing that he had already told her that I made beats so, I immediately said, "When can I meet him?", just kidding around and shit and she was like, "Today after I get off work.". So im like, oh shit man, this is it for me. So I stuck around asking questions about him tryin to get a feel for him before I met him. Work finally let out and she said she was finna go get him and take us straight to the studio. So Im just like, damn man, im bouts ta blow up man. When we arrived, it was a duplex house with a skinny ass driveway. She pulls up, honks the horn and we wait. My mind was just fucking racing with, what is this muthafucka gone look like, cause she was like 42-43 so I know he at least 19-21. About 2 mins later, this little ass kid comes out of the house. He couldnt have been no older than like 14-15. So im like, "What The Fuck?!?!" (I didnt say it out loud cause I didnt want to blow my chance). He gets into the minivan and she took off driving us to "The Studio". She introduced us during the drive and I pulled out my CD full of beats and had her insert it into the CD player. As she's driving, the beats are playin, and im tryin to watch his reaction without looking directly at him, but he appeared to like them. Then she took the CD out and said, just wait to we get to the Studio and put it on the "Big" radio. When we got to "The Studio", the neighborhood was in the heart of Miwaukee's ghetto. The building that the studio was in was next to, kinda like, a strip mall. So prolly what happened was, they just rented out the space and built a studio inside. We walk inside the building and go up the stairs, and the first thing I see is all of this musical equipment and some black guy (had to be like 35-36) in front of this mac. He turned out to be a "preacher" that just so happen to know how to use musical equipment and set up a studio. So we all walked through like 2 rooms getting to this "listening room" and they put my beats on. Im sitting there nervous as fuck. But they liked them so I knew I was in. Also they really didnt have a steady producer, all they had was their cousin who was some supposedly big music guy who made beats. I had never ever ever ever heard of his ass so I was like whatever. After they finished my CD, they put on one of his songs that was completed, and it was straight. I mean it wasnt like, it wasnt a classic or no shit like that but, you can tell that they put their ass into it. So we agreed to work with each other. After about 4-5 months of working with them I realized that it just wasnt going to work between me and them. Not because of the music that they were putting out, just the lack of promotion of me and also their music. So mainly, the music wasnt going anywhere, we were just making music and holding on to it. Also, at the shows that they did have, I was never acknowledged. So nobody ever knew who made the beats because they wouldnt mention my name at all. Plus, ABOVE ALL, I wasnt getting paid for none of what I was doing, we had dont like 35-36 songs and I would still go home and the end of the day starving with lint in my pockets. So the connection between the group and I broke up REAL quick. I just continued on with my life got sent to Iraq my first time and thats where I got a chance to hone my skills for my music. I was to myself alot, didnt have to worry about any distractions so alot of the beats that you hear came from when I was in Iraq the first time. After I returned from a year of Iraq, I went full time Army. Right now, im deployed again and back to the music. Any questions or for business, I can be contacted via email at: valejo20012001@yahoo.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I just make beats
Your musical influences
Kanye West, because me and him come from the same place just different sides of the city
What equipment do you use?
Just fruityloopz
Anything else?
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