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Achilles Flaw
Achilles Flaw
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An energetic fusion of rock, metal and melody that will either ease your mind with a soothing rhythm, or crash your senses with elaborate and precise thrash, st
Protecting The Elite
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Achilles Flaw. is a Simi Valley band that formed in late 2002. After many great times, bad times, setbacks and member changes, they've struggled on and stay comitted to making the music they love.
Band/artist history
Achilles Flaw was formed in late 2002. Current members include Chris, Donnie, Andrew, Dave and Ricky. We've been up and down, side to side, back to front and repeat. We've gone through several line-up changes over the years, and have now settled on our current members. We are currently writing and recording new material for a self-produced EP that we have planned to see the the sun sometime in the summer.... We've played with bands such as Bleeding Through, Curl up and Die, Zao, Fear Before The March Of Flames, The Agony Scene, If Hope Dies, Sworn Enemy, Sinai Beach, Bury Your Dead, Embrace Today, and many more. We love our music and eveyone that is a fan. Thanks for the support. Look forward to great new music and exciting new shows coming very soon....... - Achilles Flaw
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we do, as often as possible. Mainly in the Hollywood and surrounding areas, but we spread out to Ventura and LA counties as well. WE LOVE playing live. Its the only reason we need to walk. Every show is a special moment....but when we played with Bleeding Through, that sorta changed us as a band.
Your musical influences
Every member in Achilles Flaw has very diverse and different musical influences than the next member, but I can say that as a whole, we gather a lot of influences from ZAO, DARKEST HOUR, BOTCH, LAMB OF GOD, and TONS of 80's music.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, Drums, Microphones, Sweat, Air Conditioning and Kool Operator Fans...
Anything else?
poop smells