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HERTS, United Kingdom
August 09, 2005
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"Azoora" are a collaboration of tastes between the band members, a mix of attitudes and a reflection of what can be acheived if your willing to experiment outside of the norm and except other creative opinions other than your own. In short; theres alot of compromise intertwined in the music the band makes. In an attempt to smooth out the creative strain we have taken the initiative of making two alternative takes of each of our tracks; finding a distance between the common place "remix" we offer two varied productions of the tracks, in part to show what can be acheived, and in part to quench the thirst and release the creative tensions that can arise if only one take or formular is explored. We strive for a kind of balance between experimentation and simplicity. We try to create our own sound, instantly recognisable as an "Azoora" track. We experiment with different genres of music, from pop to trip hop, new rave to acoustic, jumping as is gracefully possible between these on the EPs. We have had the support of 23seconds netlabel who promote our music, various other net musicians, some who weve remixed and weve been featured on an european Renault net advertising campaign and we keep on cracking on, taking twists and turns, perfecting production and mastering techniques and breaking a few rules along the way. Download our recent and prior releases on www.23seconds.org in a high quality, which includes the original, and challenging slevework of the Swedish artist and photographer "konstfoto.com" (thats artphoto in english). Have some nice, clear bass speakers on and give it a few listens. A new EP is beginning the recording process early next year.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, although we have a habit of morphing into an improvised trance outfit by the end of the evening. Always goes down well though. At live appearances Ben Cochrane joins us on drums.
Anything else?
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