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Kandi Bahr
Kandi Bahr
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Praise & Worship, intercession, soaking in the presence of the Lord.
Brighter Day
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The music I write is from HIM, for HIM, and all about HIM! I was made to worship HIM!
Band/artist history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes....I led worship for five years at the church where I began as a babe in Christ......Growing into a worshipper was what I walked away with. Worshipping the Creator of Life isn't about picking out songs and being in front of people to sing those songs. It's about letting the Creator sing songs of love over you and through you till those very songs flow out of your lips even while you are sleeping. It's about singing love songs to the lover of your soul day and night continuously. It's so much more than showcasing your talent in the front of a church congregation. Now, I sing everywhere I go...everything I do.....it's all about worshipping him....in spirit and in truth! Years ago, I had been invited to lead worship in a church that I had never been to before. On the way to the service, I prayed and asked Holy Spirit to come with me and sing through me. I prayed that the Seraphim angels would sing with me...you know....the ones that surround the Throne of God...I felt HIS presence all over me during the worship.....I knew that I had offered up to him true worship....after the service was over.....a member of the church came up to me and told me she saw an angel standing behind me on the stage......I've sang in several parks.....I've sang in a hotel lobby as Holy Spirit led....I've sang in a restaurant during breakfast rush....It's amazing where he'll have you sing, if you just listen to his still small voice!
Your musical influences
True passionate worship that sounds the beat of the Bridegroom for His Bride and the Bride for her Bridegroom
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Anything else?
One morning I woke up around 4:30 a.m. I went outside and listened.....the birds of the air were rejoicing.....They were singing....chirping....tweeting......they were making many different sounds, yet....they were in complete unison.....complete harmony.....They were not competing with one another for a solo....They joined with all of creation offering up their thanksgiving before their maker.....They were making a joyful sound.....I sat there in a Holy Spirit moment....taking in that beautiful sound.....It filled the air.....It moved me to the point of tears......Why? We......as human beings......who were created in the image of Christ.....who are a little lower than the angels.....need to take a step back and observe ALL of creation praising their king.....Pride never entered into any of their agendas.....Competition for who sounded better or who made the better melody lines....never was an issue.....The issue was worshipping in spirit and in truth with one heart, one mind, one focus, in perfect unity, to one creator!
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