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Melancholy X
Melancholy X (Formerly Melancholy Moments) is a new punk band out of NorthEast Ohio, they have big dreams, and hope that you [fans in general] will help them
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Our intro song
Melancholy X (Formerly Melancholy Moments) is a new punk band out of NorthEast Ohio, they have big dreams, and hope that you [fans in general] will help them along the way. A Punk-Grunge, alternative rocking, kick ass band! Dustin- "I'm the lead singer and guitarist. I've been practacing for about 3 years now, been in a bunch of bands, some of which include Downward Sky, ATL and Spork, plus a few projects. I believe that this band will take it all the way. Some of our influences are Green Day and Blink-182. "We don't want to reinvent [the sound], just renovate it." John Slimak I see myself as a down to earth, funny and origional person. I want to make friends, music, and make some money. Charlie- Out of Canton South, this guy has an amazing ability for the bass, with little over a year of practice, he is very fluent, and he catches on extemley fast. Charlie doesn't have any past [band] experiences, but he is getting more than ever with Melancholy Moments. Some of Charlies influcences include Pink Floyd, Green Day, and other bands of that sort. He is strongly influenced by music of the 80's. John- Stright from E.L.O. or hell itself, and from over 5 1/2 years of experience under his belt, John is a massive edition to the band. After managing for a good while, they all felt that it was time for something different, something new, and John was the answer. With a passion for kicking ass... and music, he is everybit ready to take this head on, and provide what he calls "A ginormous influence of massive proportions to the masses" for a brand new sound and level of audio mastery that few have heard before. Just a few of his influences include that of Blink-182, Muse, Steve Vai, Sum 41, Green Day, Jimmy Hendrix, and many more. Will- Not Yet ยป www.Melancholyx.cjb.net
Band/artist history
It began with just Dustin and Charlie, and the band name was Mediocer. After a few months, they sat down with John and decided that he would manage them. A few months later, John decided that it would be good for Mediocer to have another guitarist, and they chose John. At that point, we had everything but a drummer, and as of recent, we ran across Will, and that is the line up and pretty much the history as of now...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah, we love playing out. Anywere we can. A stated earlier. I love breaking my strings (John).
Your musical influences
We basicly are influenced by what ever is in our CD player at the time (we have a large variety of musical influences).
What equipment do you use?
We like Crate amps, and stick mainly to fender style guitars, mapex drumms, NADY and Shure PA and a few other things.
Anything else?
We love doing what we do!
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