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Middleground Hip-Hop Compilation
Middleground Hip-Hop Compilation
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Currently, this underground hip hop compilation represents our collective kansas/missouri scenes. We are seeking artists who represent your middleground hiphop
Archaic Academy ft. Approach - Stand and Deliver
T-Scar ft. Okwerdz - The Reason Battlin' Sucks
Peak position #96
The Middleground Hip-Hop Compilation was created to gain exposure for artists from but not limited to Kansas and Missouri, completely free. We're lookin to link up the middleground region so don't be shy, holla. All songs are copyrighted by the artists who perform them, but the downloads are completely free.
Band/artist history
So many stories, so little time Go head ask us anything be sure to use the message board
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
We live in the Middle of All the sounds so our influences are as vast as this country short answer: each other
What equipment do you use?
All these artists use the most standard equipment given to Hu-Mans "Their Mind, Heart and Soul"
Anything else?
MIDDLEGROUNDHIPHOP.COM-PILATION Vol 2 Request Submissions Ok yall it's on! Submissions are requested for the volume 2 of middlegroundhiphop.com Compilation submission dates: December 2, 2005 - January 5, 2006 who can submit: anyone from illinois, iowa, nebreska, missouri, kansas, colorado, arkansas, or oklahoma here's the drill: must receive all info below to be considered for the compilation tracks are submitted to: image at operation.widesky@gmail.com required: original track and the radio edited version sorry, but no radio edit, no compilation Artists promotional information : is submitted to stealth at nrginmotion02@yahoo.com here's what to send: your group's name + birth name and artists name of every member group's website address and logo jpeg ready for posting email address for the group's spokesperson and each member including beatmaker, djs, emcees Recording Credits: please include the name, address, city state and zip + email address of the studio and/or recording engineer for your track. we wanna give credit to all the people who make it happen. 1 of these: online place to hear your music myspace, sonicbids, soundclick : which ever one you choose ( if you don't have this yet, get it set up and email us the information 1 of these: online place you SELL your music ie cdbaby, merchgirl, blue collar, amazon etc let the fun begin announcement of final tracklisting will be February 1, 2006 after everyone who submitted has been contacted with the results. image and I are looking forward to hearing your music and telling the world about you. stay up MIDDLEGROUNDHIPHOP.COM holla! here's the Artist's contact list for Volume 1: Image - A Dangerous Group homestyle@gmail.com Archaic Academy ft. Approach - Stand and Deliver Dylan Day - Trystyl Joel Pucket - AllEars www.myspace.com/Archaic Academy Trystyl - Producer MC DJ AllEars - MC Str8jakkett ft. 40 Killa - WorldwideKILLA str8jakkett [stuart tidwell] 40 killa [barry rice] www.11third.com www.hitquarters.com/str8_jakkett T-Scar ft. Okwerdz - The Reason Battlin' Sucks T-Scar Real Name: Mike Fishman Talent: MC Website: www.myspace.com/tscar E-Mail: tscarmovement@gmail.com James Christos - Liberte' (Now Hear This) jchristos@hotmail.com www.hiphopkc.com artist section Ces Cru, Macromantics, Clever & Lucid - Motivate Members=Lucid-MCemail= DJBARTLE@AOL.COM Swell - You Can Make It Swell aka Sheldon Flowers. Website: http://www.teknekobros.com. online music: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/midweststompilationmusic.htm Email: SwellAKASweezy@collegeclub.com Titanium Frame - The Truth Is... Titanium Frame http://www.soundclick.com/titaniumframe The Bottom Line http://www.myspace.com/titaniumframe Macromantics - Sick Puppies Sike !---DJ email= SIKE!--@GMAIL.COM Cryptik - Sewa Zone Group name CRYPTIK Preformers Jim Terry aka Zelion and Tony Hart aka Mr Havocc Website MCRSB.COM email mrhavocc13@hotmail.com Tommy Lift - Stacked Deck Artist: Tommylift Real: Fredrick Bilger http://www.cdbaby.com/tommylift http://www.myspace.com/tommylift contact: Tommylift@hotmail.com Reach ft. DJ Ataxic - Comin' For You Stacy Smith aka REACH www.sonicbids.com/reach www.cdbaby.com/reachmusic www.myspace.com/reach www.soundclick.com/brown Negro Sco - Never Panic www.danteeverglad.com negroscoe@excite.com Soundsgood - Gotta Get Up SoundsGood = Jamal Gamby / Miles Bonny www.YourFavoriteGroup.com innatesounds@gmail.com www.myspace.com/SoundsGood http://www.cdbaby.com/soundsgood3 Rich (JKR70) Of Human Cropcircles JKR7VNTY@NETSCAPE.NET Home=816-506-5349 Work=913-588=1587 Group name= HUMAN CROPCIRCLES Group Members= Lucid(MC) Sike !--(DJ) JKR70(Producer) (HUMAN CROPCIRCLES 2005) Ducoh - Slidin' Ducoh aka Antwone McCaffe. Website: http://www.teknekobros.com online music: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/0/ducohdeuceomusic.htm Email: SwellAKASweezy@collegeclub.com Les Izmore - Lapse Artist: Les Izmore real name: Lester Jones email: TalentedTenth@yahoo .com website: www.myspace.com/izmore/ Ces Cru, Amen & Vertigone - Blaze www.cescru.com DJ Madhatter - !-- WWW.MYSPACE.COM--NETWORKCRU
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mucho gusto
DoeBoy Type Beat (Prod.Chuck)
Ice burg