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An alternative boy band not afraid to wear hats!
2 songs
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Floor Shark
A short intro to how we became a band
Accident Prone Man
This song is one of our hit singles from 2001. A favorite at Camp Schodack.
We're called Chopstiqs! Made up of Brian Carroll, Mike Smith, and Brian Trial, we teens have got the beat! From our crooning "Floor Shark" to our world famous "Mathtacular!!!" we're sure that our songs will keep your toes tapping, and your throat laughing!
Band/artist history
The band originally started in 2001, when Sophmores Brian Carroll and Mike Smith decided that it was their turn to give the music industry "a piece of their mind." With the help of Freshman Brian Trial, their band gained unbelievable popularity! Their first LP, "Austrailian for Boy Band" was a cult classic instantly. After the disc was made, the band took a small break to regroup. Today (2003) we're more popular than ever!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live all the time. From parties to libraries, Chopstiqs can be heard ringing in FUN!
Your musical influences
It would have to be Presidents of the United States of America and the Arrogant Worms. Without their sense of humor and love of alternative rock, we wouldn't be where we are today.
What equipment do you use?
We use electric guitars, electric keyboard, bongos, kazoos, and of course, voices!
Anything else?
We hope you guys all love our sweet sound! If you live in the area, we are having a special concert on MAY 2ND at the West Hartford Public Library! Come check us out!
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