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Derrick Spruill
Derrick Spruill
3 Tracks
I'm a independent drummer, playing mostly the styles of most rock and metal. I also play a little jazz and funk. Check out a few samples.
Well, this site is mainly to show people some samples of how I play drums. I've been playing set for about five years and play styles of Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal and some Funk. I played with many bands but with two that recorded in professional studios. I plan on adding some more tracks later on on solo stuff, but so far here are samples of my last two bands.
Band/artist history
I started playing snare drum in school band in the 7th grade and didn't start playing set until my freshman year of high school. I only had two drum lessons from this older guy and then learned the rest on my own. I played set in Jazz band for a few months but then quit band my freshman because I couldn't stand the arragence of half the drum line. I played in different kinds of bands since.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played many shows in many places and I love it. Right now, the only band I'm in is a praise band at my church on sundays but after I'm done with college or have time, I wouldn't mind being in another band.
Your musical influences
Lars Ulrich, Kenny Arnoff, Neil Peart, Johnny Rabb, Dave Lumbardo, Morgan Rose, Chad Smith, Danny Carey, Terry Harper and much more.
What equipment do you use?
I have two sets. A 5-piece ddrum set and originally a 9-piece Enforcer set, but I brought it down to a 6-piece. I use Zildjian and Wuhan cymbals. Promark 5A sticks.
Anything else?
If you are in need for a drummer to record with in the louisville, Elizabethtown or Vine Grove area, just give me a call about it.
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