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Apostle Of Perversion
Apostle Of Perversion
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High Powered mix of blasting speed and melodic riffing with a combination of black metal and death metal inspiration.
11.17.2005 The band is looking for a permanent bass player after our good friend Steve Morgan has rejoined his band Project Apocalypse. Anyone interested in filling the bass player position should contact the band by email at contact@apostleofperversion.com soon, we would like to use the new bass player on our upcoming recordings, otherwise the bass duties will be handled by other members of the band. We also plan on playing live by Spring of 2006 to support the upcoming CD, we would like to thank everyone for the offers to play live this winter, but with the band rehearsing full time for the CD, and the lack of a full time bass player we have had to turn down many great shows but we will be back in 2006, you can bet your soul on it.
Band/artist history
Started in the fall of 1998, Apostle of Perversion had a sound which consisted of an interesting combination of death metal and black metal influences executed convincingly enough to gain them instant respect in the Michigan Metal scene. Before they even had enough material written to play a full set they started getting offers to play live with some of the area's heaviest bands. With 12 songs writen and a full schedule of live performances with the bands. Miscreants, Exploding Zombies, Sadomasochism, Production Grey, Internal Bleeding, Lucifers Hammer and more, but they also found the time to record the brutal debut c.d. simply title Apostle of Perversion. The c.d's went fast but the downloads live on untill the next chapter of this now elusive band. The members of Apostle of Perversion came from a stong local metal history. The band took a few years off to persue other projects but have regrouped in 2005 to begin work on the next recording and play a few select summer dates around Michigan. Aposlte Of Perversion currently consists of Greg Fritzler on Guitar, Steve Morgan on Bass, Todd Thorpe on drums and Bob Colton on vocals.The band members have been involed with the bands Amputist, Ungodly, Exploding Zombies, Cletus and Defcon 666.
Your musical influences
We are influenced by alot of heavy metal but mainly 80's thrash metal, death metal and black metal. Some of the bands that we are influenced by are Deicide, Hypocrisy, Marduk, Naglefar, Kataklysm, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Nile, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy, Cannibal Corpse...just too many to name, but you get the idea.