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Yo! My main desire is to cook up a concentrated form of sound to shake the air around your ear, which by the way is called music. I discovered a curtain interest in writing rap lyrics as a 8th grader in the fall of 2001. Did not really master the art of rapping, so i started to make beats on the side. Now a days I just make beats ans rap when i feel like it. Beats is now my main priority. I seldom listen to the lyrics of a song, I listen to a song mostly because the beat is fat. I am mostly a self-taught musician, I have just picked up some mastering tips from my former school, Noroff Mediegymnas. My main wish when I started rapping was to get rich, but now I just make music to either inspire or for you to enjoy. If music was money, then music could burn and disappear. Music to me now is just a hobby, something I feel is useful spending my time on. But don't get me wrong. if the possibility comes by to make some cash I won't let it slip. 'Cause I also have to eat :)
Band/artist history
There aren't really much to say about my history in music. It just caught my interest and stayed.
Your musical influences
The guy who inspired me to start making beats was none other then Dr. Dre. His hard kicks and simple but advanced loops caught my attention. I also pick up a lot of inspiration from Just Blaze, Kanye West, RZA and Swiss Beats. I am trying to combine the styles of Just Blaze's hip hop beats with Dr. Dre's magnificent art and sprinkle a whole lot myself on top.
What equipment do you use?
I make my music on a lap top with Koss Porta Pro as my sound source. I use FL Studio 8, Cubase SE 3, Cubase LE 4 and wavelab for the mastering.
Anything else?
If you want to use one of my beats to lay wisdom on, just sand me a mail. awobeats@hotmail.com
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