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Marvin Lee Adcock
1 Number 1
15 Top 10
182 Tracks
I Miss America
Peak position #71
Cross Your Heart (new mix)
Peak position #86
Living It Up
Peak position #94
Everybody's Wrong (new mix)
Peak position #82
Runaway Train
Peak position #49
Two More Waiter
Peak position #80
Ordinary Day (REMIX)
Peak position #92
If I Had Listened
Peak position #43
She Said
Peak in sub-genre #35
Hard To Hurt
Peak position #6
Love At First Dance
Peak position #2
My first real appreciation for music hit me the first time I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. The emotion and enthusiasm of the audience on that small black and white screen was a real eye opener for me. I began writing songs a few years later as a teenager and decided to teach myself to play guitar. What better way to impress girls, right? As I matured as a writer it was my love for a good story song that morphed me into a country songwriter. I enjoy reading articles about other songwriters, and one of my biggest influences was a Johnny Cash quote that said he used the "KISS" method of writing. An acronym for "Keep It Simple Stupid", and I thought that sounded pretty easy. Was I ever WRONG! I have learned that creating a song that comes across as conversational and uncomplicated was not as easy as it sounded. After several years of writing, and many stacks of spiral bound notebooks, I slowly turned into a better writer as I learned to draw from life's experiences. My dad was a career military man, and I was born on an Army base in Augusta, Georgia. Growing up I spent summers on my grandparents farm in Louisiana, and so I am forever filled with a deep love for the south. My family and I live in the Flint Hills of Kansas. This site contains a portion of my catalog which is pitched daily in Nashville. Please feel free to contact me or my agent in Nashville: Dallas Gregory Song Rocket Music Nashville, TN Thanks for visiting and listening. All My Best, Marvin
Band/artist history
I was bitten by the music bug at an early age. I was asked to sign with Four Star Records in Los Angeles in the early 70's as an artist /songwriter, but Uncle Sam desired my presence in Vietnam. After two tours of duty all I wanted to do was concentrate on my family. It wasn't until the late 90's that I began collaborating with other writers and networking into the Nashville music business. I have since been blessed with cuts in the United States, Canada, and Europe with songs reaching top 40 on the European country charts. I currently divide my time between Nashville and other business operations in Kansas.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
After many years of live performance I now limit myself to songwriter events.
Your musical influences
From the late Harlan Howard to Bobby Braddock, Craig Wiseman, Byron Hill, Jeffrey Steele, Rivers Rutherford, Al Anderson and many other great songwriters.
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