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DJ Simonsen
Use FL Studio and be surprised when you have the right instruments.
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Dj S. (U.D.) - Inh. Et. (Levitation in the portal)
Third upgrade of the song "Inhuman Eternity". The other upgrade was "Inhuman Eternity (Im disappeared Mix)" And "Inhuman Eternity (Disappeared XStar Mix)". If the song was not crazy enough, then you could listen to this.
Dj Simonsen (Upl. Dance) - Red Ankh (NeoStyle Mix)
Second upgrade of the song "Red Ankh". First upgrade was "Red Ankh (Air Flow Mix)". The track got more relaxing.
Spirit of the soul (Souls Hist.- Spirit chant mix)
Second upgrade from the song "Spirit of the soul". First upgrade was "Spirit of the soul (Time to history of souls Remix)"
Dj Sim. (Uplifting Dance) - Red Ankh (Air Flow Mix
Very relaxing track with lots of instruments to each other, and full of backgrounds effects
DJ S. (U. D.) - Inhuman Eternity (Dis. XStars Mix)
And upgrade from the "Im disappear" Mix including the new instruments of XStars, which make the song very special
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I love FL Studio. And used it for about 15 years. The more i use it, the more functions i learn in it, and how to change every single instruments
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have not performed live. In front of an audience will be difficult because i have some kind of performance anxiety
Your musical influences
I got inspiration from music on youtube. Also some songs from this site. Then from movies and computer games i can get ideas how to make music. Today I love most to make music where it builds more and more up (Uplifting). Many of my songs fade out, that I like that kind of ending a song.
What equipment do you use?
First i used ejay music programs. A little time with magik music maker. But today its only FL Studio. I decide to import all different instruments and rhythms from the ejay program to FL Studio, so I also have that options together with instruments in FL Studio... As instruments i like playing keyboard / piano. But most i like to make it in a music program.
Anything else?
I have never published my own music to earn money. But I think a lots of it. But I think it can maybe be too difficult. I heard i need to pay lots of money for disc etc where my music will be created on. And I did not earn so much, and there is no guarantee to earn the money back and preferably extra money.
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