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Richard Rayer
Composer, arranger, woodwind performer
27 top 50
85 songs
10.3K plays
The Road Home
This a pop instrumental made mainly of orchestral strings. It was started in Band in a Box and then the piece was developed in Finale using Garritan Persoanl Orchestra 5 strings and Intimate D piano.
Midnight Overtures with Clarinet(1)
Pop Ballad with clarinet lead
Mid Winter Lament and Tango
The piece is for orchestra and voice. It has the flavor of a melancholy song and a Tango.
Ballad in May
This piece was constructed using Band-In-A-Box with midi tracks for the melody and harmonies. It was engineered in Sonar X2. Besides the RealTracks for Drums, Bass and Guitars, there are Garritan Strings, Steinway Piano, and the Omnibus Choir.
Basie Does It
A Jazz Swing piece
I am not a band but a composer, arranger and performer. Pieces that I will present are works that I have written. Some are symphonic in nature and others are more like ballads. All are composed and arranged using Finale to write the music, Tracktion 2 to sequence the music and Garritan Personal Orchestra to perform the music. I hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy putting my ideas into sounds that are the rhythm, melody, and harmony of life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do perform in everything from jazz bands, trios, orchestras, to woodwind ensembles. I enjoy playing all styles of music and that is reflected in my composition as well. There are a lot of special moments in my career. Some include performing with some of the famous swing bands of the 1940's. Though I played with these guys in the 1970's, some of them still had excellent ablility. I have played in "The Jan Garber Band", "The Ted Weems Band" and "The Les Elgart Band". I have also performed with Tex Beneke and Abby Lane. But the most difficult performance I ever had to play was in Pine Bluff, Arkansas for delegates from Governor Rockerfellers staff. As a Trio of clarinet (me), Piano, and Violin, we performed among other works the Bela Bartok "Contrasts".
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