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The Real Terrible Infant
The Real Terrible Infant
19 Tracks
IDM, [Basic...] Breakcore, Techno, Terrible, Infant, L'Enfant Terrible, and Kool.
Alright. Now, because I know you want it, here's some info on the songs: - I have made a trilogy of this one rap beat. This is the third of the trilogy. 'Hip Hop beat' is the first. The Second is still under construction. - I made this song while I had stitches in my back (Hence the name 'Stitches'). I was playing the piano and I got this tune in my head for days, so I played it, and now it's one of my songs. An older song that I never got to finish until now. I can't really do much with this song, so it's pretty monotonous. Perfect background music for reading a book or something. - It's incomplete. DJ Overture still has to finish up his side of the editing, but for now, this is my side of it. I messed up on one part in the keys where the chords go a little off beat (kind of) so I still need to fix that. - It says 'incomplete', but it's not. This is the first faster song I've ever made. Inspired by Pilchard's 'Dirty Clean', I was like, "I wish I can do something like that. Oh wait, I have FL STUDIO!" and this came out of it. - I made this one because I found the notes for Zelda's Dungeon theme, and since I couldn't play it on the piano, I put it into FL Studio. I added a beat, and then the other stuff. Fade-ins and outs. Then I didn't know what to do with it, so I left it as it is. - Well, there's not much to say about this song. I made it all by myself. Most of it was just messing around and seeing where some sounds are in FL, what kind of song to put these sounds in, how it sounds with a beat, that kind of stuff. I just got lucky and found all the right sounds and I put them in all the right places. Then, one day, I got bored because I didn't know what other songs to make (kind of like writer's block, but for music) so I made a remix of this song. I like them both, because I worked kind of hard on both of them. - The beginning was expiremental, but the rest is what I love. The bass used to be WAY TO HIGH, but now it's toned down some notches, and here it is. I take back what I said about Hardcore Techno being my first faster-than-usual song, because THIS ONE was my first faster-than-usual song. - Once again, I got that writer's block thing going when I remixed this song. There's no vocals, it's just the same piano and I put a drumbeat in. I made the drumbeat sound like it was on a drumline, because when I made this I wanted to be in drumline. Yeah, I'm still in highschool :) - One day, I was like, "Hey, if I can make Mood Swings, and IDM, and mellow techno, then I should be able to do rap songs too!" No. I fail when it comes to rap songs. This one, however, came out okay.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Aphex Twin, The Flashbulb, DM Ashura, DJ Silk Drop Mooney, DJ Taka, good VGM, Aker, Shiny Toy Guns, No-Fi Soul Rebellion, Neon Blonde, Squarepusher, Fort Minor, Jim Ether, and Locust Toybox.
What equipment do you use?
The computer, my head, and whatever's around me.
Anything else?
I'm love pizza.
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