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Nature boy
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I am a solo artist. I sing mostly all jazz because i love the feeling of singing jazz music. It gives a smooth, rich, vibe to everyone that i know and most popular in the people that i know and ask.
Band/artist history
My history, starts back in sophmore year where i didn't even know there was a choir at my school. i was to shy to audition so i was pushed into it. after that i got into honor choir 4 times, ive revieved many solos, and also won first place at the fullerton jazz festival this year for the vocal solo division. Now on to college pursuing my passion
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I dont play live currently. Shorty i might be singing in a lil coffee shop in my town. no biggie. just want to let people know who i am.
Your musical influences
Mariah Carey is one Keyword. she has always been so great. She is my inspiration and she always has been ever since i was 6. Ella Fitzgerald is my idol. Once i heard her voice i fell in love with it! and her scatting! OMG was a scatter! Nat King Cole... ever since i heard Nature Boy, by Eden Abeiz, i could believe my ears. That was one of the songs that won me first place.
What equipment do you use?
My Microphone :)
Anything else?
I am going to be going to Berklee College of music in 2 years. if anyone has gone, please email me and let me know what to expect.