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Frangipani And The Floating Circus of Lights
Frangipani And The Floating Circus of Lights
1 Track
Experimental Zydeco hip hop
Are You Sure Or Are You North Sure
Peak in sub-genre #11
to the Soundclick home of Australia's most explosive experimental hip-hop band - .
Band/artist history
The history of the band is a tale that spans decades of time and metres of space. The story of how these seven diverse artists rose from humble, rich-parent beginnings to become a modern day musical phenomenon entales all the facets of a Shakespearian text - namely ambition, love, and bi-gender cross-dressing. Despite several best-selling biographies (including the 1983 best-seller "Joining the Circus - Life on the Road with Frangipani"), the truth behind the history of the band is still strongly contested between friends, family, and band members alike. Some argue the ambiguity in the history of the band is part of their public appeal, as certainly no other contemporary musical outfit has encountered the soap-opera scripting of member evictions, deaths, failed marriages and substance abuse quite like Frangipani.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We unleash live in the Sydney basin and parts of the UAE.
Your musical influences
Ace Squad, The Kost, Prince.
What equipment do you use?
Bass, lead, drums, Double decks, double bongo, triple keys, and a quintet of mic action.