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Madd Mother Moose
Madd Mother Moose
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Madd Mother Moose - is a Woman Scorned, Rock and Roll, Originals - Two Chicks and 3 sticks..., a must-see band.
Madd Mother Moose Band began in Fall of 2001. Our lead guitarist Jimmy Love is a prolific writer, and has a second band, Broken Stigma which Andy and Susie are part of as well. Susie (in the band since 2001) is one of the best female vocalists in the Maryland Rock scene! She can hit the truest high notes and the richest lows. Her vocal range is astounding, and allows her to sing a wide range of styles. Chuck Williams is a fantastic professional drummer, who has performed on both coasts. Becca Lichtenstein, A.K.A. Zombie B. is our rock steady rhythm guitar player who also plays lead guitar and writes well. Becca also sings lead on a few songs, and has written a few originals songs that we perform. Becca is consistent, dependable and spunky. Andy Parker (since 2001) is the band leader and a verstile bassist who keeps the beat steady and the crowd moving. Look out for low ceilings though, he jumps. The Moose band consists of musicians who enjoy performing, and are serious about playing the songs well. We try to bring dancable, fun music while covering the songs to a "T". We all truly enjoy the music we perform and it's obvious at our shows. Madd Mother Moose also has some really great originals that the audience enjoys!
Band/artist history
This band has had a few changes in personnel over the years, Andy and Susie have been in since the beginning, Becca has been in for 2 years now, Chuck is new in 2007, and Jimmy is also new in 2007, although we've known him for a while.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love to perform live at clubs and competitions. We are generally in the DC Metro area, mostly in Southern Maryland.
Anything else?
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