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Wil Seabrook
Wil Seabrook
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acoustic pop/rock a la David Gray, Damien Rice. loops, samples, live percussion, an eclectic mix
Wil Seabrook has lived a creative lifetime in his few years in the music business. An indie deal as a singer/songwriter led to extensive touring throughout the US and press tours of the UK, culminating in a major label deal for what had become the Wil Seabrook Band. A year spent touring with world class groups from Dave Matthews Band and Vertical Horizon to Sister Hazel and Dishwalla ended with the release of the band's self titled EP, with the first single charting at AAA and commercial radio and being featured on TV shows such as Dawson's Creek. The band went back to their indie roots with their follow up CD, Inside, touring relentlessly and selling thousands of copies at live shows all over the country. 2005 has ushered in a new era for Wil, going back to his musical roots as a solo artist, his craft and musical direction much improved with the wisdom of so many nights on the road. His just released EP, New, is a testament to his willingness to take risks stylistically in his relentless search to capture on tape the music he has heard inside his head for as long as he can remember. "These songs are more simple, more direct, " says Wil. "I've spent so much of the last few years finding my own voice, musically and as a person. This music is the closest I've come to getting what's inside out for the world to hear. It's exciting and so alive for me. I wouldn't have it any other way."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've toured extensively in the US and done press tours in the UK. I love traveling. People are great and receptive everywhere I go.
Your musical influences
David Gray, Damien Rice, U2, Coldplay, Bill Withers
Anything else?
Fan support means everything to me. Word of mouth recommendation is the greatest compliment an artist can receive.