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Rose Hale
Christian, gospel, bluegrass, Blacksburg, Virginia, acoustic, Rose, Hale, fiddle
18 songs
3.6K plays
Jeremiah's Call
Amazing Grace
Take MY Life
All My Troubles
I like to write and record Christian songs and play bluegrass instrumentals with my son Chris. I write about things that happen to me and thoughts that occur while on my life's journey. Anyone who likes the music please listen and enjoy.
Your musical influences
I love fiddle music of any kind. My favorite players are Claude Williams, Mark O'Connor, Benny Thomason, Kenny Baker, Joe Venuti and Vassar CLements.
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Hello Rose, I listened to your take on "Amazing Grace"...i really like the play and your voice has much potential, but just doesnt sound like it there yet...keep up teh good work, i voted the song HOT to move it up in the charts some...i would like for you to listen to my instrumental sometime, thanks and much respect ADAD RECORDS
Dear Mom (;AWESOME TITLE;)drew me right in.Enjoyed the listen.Thanks for sharing(:HIS SONSHINE:)Your Soundclick Bro.(;Yrral Mallik;)
I would like to invite you to come and take a listen to some of my original Christian material. Please take a listen to He's Living in me, and Oh I Believe, I am considering and album, I would like some feedback before I do. I don't want to do one if I'm not ready or good enough. Thanks, Andy
I love the name Rose so much I named my daughter Summer Rose and after visiting your page I also love your voice.I am also a big fan of the fiddle and bluegrass.It's how I got started in music thanks to a very loveing family that I wish was mine and they allways will be in a way but I am a country boy first And my #1 music will allways be western swing love it.I think I still have kin folk in VA. its where my Grandfather 7 genaration's ago settled in this country in 1744 nice chating Keep up the great work.
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