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clothing was formed as the result of a misunderstanding over the phone.
Band/artist history
CLOTHING was formed as a result of a misunderstanding over the phone. electronic musician Azrael Ravencroft began Clothing unofficially in december 2000, in Brooklyn, NY. Relocating shortly thereafter to Northern Arizona, Azrael continued to occasionally be inspired to work on singer/songwriter tracks; borrowing girlfriends' guitars and singing from a place of disturbed tranquility.... Clothing officially began sometime in the summer of 2002 when friend Nox misinterpreted Azrael on the phone and inadvertently suggested the project name. Azrael spent the next year and a half working on tracks when it moved him; in between more consuming solo project PORTABLE DARKNESS; as well as 4 other collaborative bands. But finally, on November 18, 2003; Clothing saw it's first release "Final Approximation." Since then Clothing has been actively pursuing a presence on the web and occasionally considers the possibility of making a new song...* *update on this one- i have in fact written & recorded several new songs, 18 to be "exact"...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
no, never. i had the opportunity to open for "the Young Princes of Darkness" and "I Hate you when you're Pregnant" ... both Flagstaff, AZ local legends but my voice gave out... i literally sang myself into being mute. Clothing has always been a big advocate of bad timing. 2005 has seen a resurgence of new material, however, so there is a good chance i will be making some open mic appearances over the summer...* *update on this one - i didn't.
Your musical influences
Jewel! she's great!
What equipment do you use?
i borrow guitars... i do not Own a guitar.* i own a Sitar but you can't hear it until i learn what the f*ck i'm doing... HA!! ...i sing. i get drunk and sing. off-key. then i wake up and do it right. It's IMPROV? 100%!!! i use borrowed effects pedals... a line-6 delay modeler and boss me-50 guitar multifx. + my trusty piece of sh*t digitech vocal 300. it all gets run through a roland keyboard amp into one a them tascam portastudio424mkIII's which goes through a phone out into samplitude 6.0. i suck at mixing which is why my recordings sound the way they do... *update on this one - i actually Do own a guitar now. it's a black Ovation Applause AE128 and i love her to death.
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