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Parallel Universe Entertainment was founded in 2003 by aspiring entrepreneurs and musicians, who bring an intense passion and commitment to quality music, and w
A New Beginning Genesis. A new beginning. Capre Diem. Seize the moment. Epiphany. A sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience. The essential meaning of something. The collective whole. Enter the PU NATION. Eight years in the business, Parallel Universe has strategically positioned itself to claim a markets share in the industry. Having experience all the highs and lows that a journey on the road less traveled could drum up, the collective has grown wiser and stronger. Gained knowledge and mental endurance. Said goodbye to some loved and some less cared for. Lost more than a friend while seeing a brother free for the last moment, before entering into a corrupt system. Tasted success in a far away land, while trying to learn to navigate in our own backyard. Felt the feeling of accomplishment, only to realize that its really true, nobody cares about your career the way you do. Come full circle to complete the triangle. So where do we go from here? Towards a new chapter in the epic saga of real businessman working to strategically place real artist into the worldwide music industry network and establish the PU Nation collective as a viable and successful entity. Towards revolutionary tactics and practices in a very revolutionary time. Giving the artist as well as the label a solid platform to do what they love best. Make quality, timeless music, eat off of our hard work, dedication, love and passion, see our peers succeed and at the end of the day be able to say that we, the PU Nation left our heart and soul in the booth, on the stage, in the streets, in the business arena and most importantly, in life itself. Never has there been a greater time to be a musician. Artists are more in control of their own destiny that ever in the history of the industry. Gone are the days of major label domination and hi level A&Rs dictating what you make and how you make it. In are the days of independent labels having the ability to produce, market and distribute their own artist, in turn allowing the label, as well as the artist, to control the most important bi products of all.their money. One of the manifest commitments that Parallel Universe, as a label, stands on, is allowing our artist to not only have creative control, but to expand their artistry and business conscience as they grow into dynamic businessmen in their own rights. Moving forward this is a rebirth. A renaissance of harmonies and rhythms. A revival of body and soul. As a family we, the PU Nation, welcome you into an higher realm of conscience thought. An in depth look into what we, as people, love and hate. What we cherish and what we fear. How we live and how we die. Peace and love. Time and space. Welcome to Parallel Universe. More than a movementITS LIFE. Life * Loyalty * Legacy
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Parallel Universe Entertainment was founded in 2003 by aspiring entrepreneurs and musicians, who bring an intense passion and commitment to quality music, and wealth of knowledge and expertise, and understand how to navigate in the global music network. Parallel Universe has positioned itself to claim a share in the entertainment realm. The real story is within the music itself. Hustle hard. Everythings on the line, HUSTLE HARDER! Traveling at the speed of life, vested by loyalty, destined to be legacy. Parallel Universe has laid the foundation for a global entertainment empire and given birth to a nation. PU NATIONbigger than one persongreater than one songmore than a movementIts LIFE!!!
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The PU NATION "Livin' Intensified Life" Promotional Tour kicks off July 3rd, 2011 with a date in Memphis, TN. PU NATION has several upcoming shows in Tennesee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Illinois and Missouri. Go to www.punation.com for the latest tour info.
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No right or wrong way. Whatever it takes to quality music.
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As fate would have it, things would not and CANNOT stay the same. After a sucsessful early run in Europe, things we're looking as if Parallel Universe would be the next thing to blow. A European tour had been agreed upon with a scheduled start date of Dec. 7, 2005. ENTER REALITY.......The lights went out on the night of Nov. 15th, 2005. Crump, a founding member and the 'HEART OF THE SOUL', was invloved in a chance moment that would forever change things. While on the grind in Mississppi, Crump was involved in a situation where a police officer was shot. Although there we're no witnesses and the police officer did not die, Crump was givin' the maximum sentance of 30 years. With a supension of 10, he is left to serve 20. Details have been sketchy at best, but one thing is for sure. The game temporarily lost one of its brightest stars in the making. Lauded for his lyrical prowess, the loss of such an integral cog in the machine, would certainly derail most trains....... Out of the ashes rises the phoenix. Much love goes out to the 'heart' of the label. You can show your love and support to Crump by writing him and/ or sending a donation to The Crump Fund. As a way to give back, Parallel Universe donates 10% of all music sales directly to The Crump Fund. Email for more info.
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