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Izzy Monsta
Izzy Monsta
21 Tracks
Hard working producer who uses strings, guitars, and other types of instruments to capture the ear of the listener. Can make any types of beats from straight ba
Hey guys, my name is Izzy Campbell, and I am a producer for the hip hop industry. I am only 17, and I have been making beats since I was 14. So, far I have made hundreds of beats, and I am just now finishing up my first album, lol. The Album holds 23 tracks, and I will soon post tags of every track on here. When I was 7 years old my father died, leaving me and my mother to struggle with finance. I earned a job at a grocery store, and I am continuing to sell beats. I love music, and I was raised on it. Now I want to express my own music by sharing it with the people.
Band/artist history
Read Above^^^
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As I said. I am not a rapper, I am not a rocker. I am simply a producer. I have done a show where I was playing the keyboard live, while my artist was rapping to it. Other than that no.
Your musical influences
The main artist who influenced me to make more music is Acey Alone. The producer who I look up, too is Dr. Dre. He can be so creative with his music. When I make my music I never try to sound like the average joe. I always try to be original and think of new ways to sound.
What equipment do you use?
My favorite instrument that I like to use in my music is guitar, bass, strings, and snares. I do like to org. my music in verses and courses. I would add an extra guitar or piano for 4-8 bars for the course. I would also add breaks in my beats, and etc.
Anything else?
Check out my music. Great beats for low prices. I ranged from 100-200. Thank you.
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