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Son the Mute AKA Pernicious
Son the Mute AKA Pernicious
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Son the mute is an underground hip hop artist who loves to write about philosophy and life!
Son the mute has been producing music of all kinds since he was 10 years old. He is now 20, producing fabulous Hip Hop beats and inciteful lyrics about past, present, and future philosophy. Son has a daughter that is 7 months old and is extremely proud to be a father. Son hopes to be a part of Rhymesayers Entertainment someday and until then he continues to impress his family and friends with his musical talant, and now he has brought it to the public.
Band/artist history
Well theres no real BAND... I am a member of the Kron Bombers which is an underground loving hip hop group. Shoutouts to them, Joshnya, Cyanide and Buff the Stuff... But anyways, I've been composing instrumental music for 10 years now. Something I would love to do for a living, movies, video games... Stuff like that! I've written music for a few commercial games in the past and made some good money off it. I've only been writing though for 3 years and so far my friends tell me its good haha!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Haha I rap at work and all, thats no fun though... I've only ever beat boxed in front of a crowd of 50 or so while one of my hip hop group members ripped some kid in a battle.
Your musical influences
Sage Francis is a great influence on my music and lyrics, as well as Eyedea and Slug from Atmosphere(and Deep Puddle Dynamics)! As well as mozart and Bach, cant forget them. Another big influence on my music is probably just the universe in general, it can be seen in so many ways giving us all a story to tell when we grab a pen.
What equipment do you use?
Equipment eh.. Well lets see, I produce all my beats and music in Reason 3.0 and I record with Cool Edit Pro 2.1 ... and the rest is my secret.
Anything else?
To my daughter... I love you, never forget that! I LOVE YOU!!! To my hip hop group THA KRON BOMBERS!!! WORD UP, KEEP IT GOING, WERE THAT CLOSE TO A CD!!! To my family and friends, thanks for all your inspiration and all! PEACE