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Charles Crampton
Charles Crampton
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Instrumental Rock Guitar That Explores Lyrical Melodic Passages And Harmonic Feelings.
Check Please
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It Eat's You From The Inside
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I've been playing for about 15 years . Early in my teens I loved music so much, it seemed a natural evolution to learn an instrument since most of my family played at least one instrument. I'm sure it influenced my decision to want to play. I always had a fascination with the guitar and of course it just looked so easy to play when others were playing it (I found out the hard way!) that wasn't really the case and started out playing alot of Rush songs and learning Brian May solos or at least giving the ole' college try :) The guitar in my opinion is one of (if not?) the most expressive instruments. Strings in general just have an awesome effect. I played in several cover and original bands that really went nowhere, however it was a great learning process in so many other ways. Music is what I have wanted to do since I was 18 years old. It's what I will continue to do hopefully for the rest of my days. :)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not currently in a band. I am still considering what to do in that area. I am seriously reconsidering starting my own project from the ground up and touring with original material. I may consider singing in the aforementioned project. Still in planning stages.
Your musical influences
I have alot of them to many to name for sure. Rush, Brian May, Tony Macalpine, Satriani, Sting, Bill Bruford, Alan Holdsworth, The Police, Styx, Jon Pattituci, Trey Gunn Band, Stu Hamm, Vinne Moore, CAB, Yes, Edward Van Halen, Greg Howe, Led Zepplin
What equipment do you use?
B.C. Rich ST III My New B-52 AT100 Half Stack THIS THING KICKS! ADA MP-1 MosValve Alesis Midiverb IV Cubase SX 3 New Pentium Core2Duo DAW
Anything else?
A wise person once said, "Listen to music for what it is, not what you think it should be". Everyone is unique in their own way. There truly is no "Better than" in the grand scheme. It's art. Some of course are more proficient in saying what they want, but it isn't any more important than the other person who isn't as proficient. Sometimes it just takes them a little more time to get there :) IS MUSIC GREAT OR WHAT!
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