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Kawaii (No)
Kawaii (No)
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twee pop, electro pop, boy girl vocals, indiepop, alternative pop, sweet pop, synth pop,
They would probably talk sleep or f***
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Kawaii is a norwegian semi tweelectronic indiepop boy/girl duo based in Trondheim/Bergen.
Band/artist history
Mats could not accept synths and guitars serving for the purpose of furniture and interior for very long. He thought he was done with music, but he was wrong - again. The focus was switchted to music once again, and Hedda was soon brought in to contribute with her tender voice and more. They soon started to compose, play and record ideas in the corner of mats's tiiiny kitchen. For the next few weeks the kitchen soon was established as the cool hangout-place for Mats and Hedda. A demo was completed and sent to carefully piclked labels around the world. Within a few days response started to arrive - everybody seemed to love Kawaii. To name some: Amberley Records, Shado, Cafe Superstar, Simdisc and Blackbean & Placenta wanted to do Kawaii-releases of some kind. We released our debut album on Shelflife Records (USA) mid november 2004.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sure - give us a call...
Your musical influences
Our sound is mostly pleasent and sweet, but not without substance. We worships vintage synths/drum-machines, boy/girl vocals, pretty harmonies, toys, disarming lyrics, xylofones, guitars..everything that comes in hand actually, but not without a plan. The songs where recorded in the corner of a tiny kitchen, and turned out to be a rather pleasent semi-tweelectronic feast...homemade and sweet, but haunting and challenging as well. Mahogany did some creative treatments on half of the tracks. We are forever grateful. Feel free to lend it an ear...
What equipment do you use?
Old quirky drum machines, vintage casios / moogs / korgs. guitars, bass, xylophones, toys, tambourines, and more.