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giant jesus was struck by lightning. burn baby, burn!
If you are looking for "Fountains of the Sun" goto: Free the music, free the musician!
Band/artist history
big butter jesus was struck by lightning and caught fire, burning to the ground. Just clean out your ears before you defile my music with your disgusting cholesterolic ideas of melody and record sales. spectators caught the burning statue on video tape, and posted it to youtube. Gary Coleman looked on in awe. The horror has finally been removed from Monroe, Ohio, as the multi-million dollar monstrosity was destroyed by God's holy wrath. Copyright is corporate enema for the masses. Just as he hath struck down the tower of babel, so has he fought the vermin of flying jelly attacks in this exclusive interview, investigators follow the trail of money to an old abandoned werewolf, creeping delicately inside. Scooby ran as fast as he could, but could not outwit the warnings of old man jeffries with one "f". wait that's wrong. Seventeen Sundays will never outshine the blanket of filth corrupting this fair country. Solitude is a furnace in the depths of your soul. Fight for your right to keep and bear arms, or you will lose your right to peaceably object. Bacon-fisted baby porn collapses the rotten panties of all who moulder. A skeleton mass of diffuse teen pop idols suckling at the breast of wild twelve year old abandon, Self esteem issues only come to the surface during puberty, vomit stained relics of self loathing desire. You wanted conformity, you got it. The first to come is always the last to leave. "I have your children", says the music industry, meet my set of made up copyrighted demands and they will not be harmed. You bought everything they sold you, until there was no way out. 101 Dalmations can't be wrong.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
its happened, once or twice. planning a world tour soon. occasionally, when i have time. usually i just sit at home and make amazing music for my adoring fan.
Your musical influences
old skull!!! greatest punk band of all time!!!
What equipment do you use?
TascamPortastudio414/SonyCassette-CorderTC62/ Zoom505/Corelle by Corning microwavable soup bowl/CasioCTK-100/SoundDesign6620/GoldWave4.2/ GenericTheremin/BrokenComputerSpeakers/ Realistic32-1200c/GibsonEpiphoneStratlica/ SeymourDuncanPickups/BionareF-70w/ AmishRobotsModel#YURI-G/PanasonicSH-CDM10B/ SonyCPA-9C/Goose Island IPA
Anything else?
The episodes of all who call will be consumed by the future. We cannot wait to fight this war, or they will find a way to buy us all. Copyright is slavery, for the artist and the consumer. Help us break the chains, and set art free. build a new world from the bricks of love. Today's pirates are the pioneers of our future. Destroy the machine that grinds us within its gears, molding our culture into a saleable commodity.
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