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Baldread and the Raggamuffin Crew
Baldread and the Raggamuffin Crew
2 Top 100
6 Tracks
Outstanding artist and band with eclectic reggae rhythms and lyrical styles! Containing various forms of Reggae Beat and Riddims, from Raggamuffin to Dancehall
Instrumentation Leonard Durham on bass, , keyboardists Ron Mckinley, percussionists , Ryan Wong and Tom Bartolaro, Lou Neuberger on drums and Michael J. Neuberger on guitar, Mustapha Craig lead vocals, Cheryl Scales back ground vocals
Band/artist history
Bay area Reggae and World Beat singer, songwriter and producer Mustapha Craig Ward, (AKA Baldread), and his band called The Raggamuffin Crew, are climbing the A/C Top 40 Charts. Their music is being played in more than 17 different markets around the USA and in Twelve countries. The groups second CD titled, "Inna Dancehall" features 18 hot tracks of Ragga music featuring positive and uplifting messages of family, love and happiness! CD was recorded at Track studio in Hollywood, Ca., and mixed by the legendary Scientist. The band is also working on a new CD titled Kyanka for release in 2005. Baldread, who composes most of the bands music, also provides lead and toast vocals. He chose his rather unusual stage name as a tongue-in-cheek twist on the genres traditional dreadlocks he can usually be found sporting a clean-shaven head! The Raggamuffin Crew is composed of well-seasoned musicians from all over the united states who now call the Bay area home and share in the positive vibes of reggae music. In addition to being a talented musician, Baldread is also a community advocate, donating time to community programs and mentoring to at-risk kids through alternative school arts programs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, all over coming to the UK in OCT 2005
Your musical influences
old school roots african vibes
Anything else?
Young people are looking for good adult role models, said Baldread. You cant always see it, but its true, Art programs help promote leaning skills, poetry and song writing. If you can tap into that creative spirit, you keep their minds going in a positive direction and away from destructive or nonproductive activities.
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