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LIBB PRODUCTIONS IS A MOVEMENT OF UNDERGROUND HOTNESS!!!! TWO PRODUCERS FROM THE BRONX.... LORD ITILL & BIG BEAR!! KEEPING SHIT TIGHT IN THE STREETS AND UNDERGROUND CLUB'S. Hip-Hop don't stop and neither does Lord Itill and Big Bear. The masterminds behind L.I.B.B. Volumes I and II now present to you L.I.B.B. Volume III: "Business, Bullshit & Good Times." Their hard work has allowed them to connect with Michael Hurdle and Abu Velore the masterminds behind the Tanyika video, "I Want To Love You". As one of the most diligent working production companies in the entertainment business, they've sold over 3000 downloads of their original music through the independent artist phenomena. Speaking of phenomena, this new compilation features twenty tracks of original hip-hop with the familiar spectacular vernacular of artists Chosan, Bliz & Brazy, J-Biggets, Knowledge, Mdex and Shakka. New L.I.B.B. family will satisfy your eardrums as well. Steppin' into the arena is Tanyika who balances the album with her beautiful vocals and catchy tunes on the aforementioned track, I Want To Love You . O.D.T. gets your neck snappin' with both of-their contributions to Volume III as well as feature on the Knowledge joint, F*@k you Pay me . Mick Manis, a Queens native rocks out his position on the album with the hella fly, I'm Eatin. Tyme Check breathes fire into the project with the sexy banger, Ma Pop That. Last but not least, 1155 supports the team by adding fuel to the flames with tracks titled, Bounce for Me Shorty and Chocolate Sky. This album comes highly recommend by the streets as most believe we need more albums like this to put hip-hop back on point - have a listen, I'm sure you'd agree. Second times a charm but three is the magic number so be sure to check out L.I.B.B. Volume III and support the movement that's bringing the magic back to hip-hop. L.I.B.B. If you have any feed back or want to just give us a shout out. Please go to our guess book or email us. Have a good day. Lord Itill L.I.B.B. Productions Http://www.libbproductions.com GO CLICK ON A LINK AND DOWNLOAD SOME SONGS OR A FEW RING TONE. YESSSS. WE HAVE RING TONES FOR EVERY PHONE. Http://www.myspace.com/lorditill Http://www.myspace.com/libbproductions Thanks for your support.
Band/artist history
The Bronx, Hip-Hop, and L.I.B.B. -- separately, these elements have historical significance. Collectively, these elements are LETHAL... For over 5 years, Lord Itill and Big Bear have been carving their own niche into the hip-hop pavement. These two long-time friends possess some of the hottest music production in the B.X. Each of them has their own backgrounds as rap artists; however, producing allows them to be more creative. So they teamed up together to produce some of the hottest songs for acts like, Mdex, Jbiggets, Chosan and Kenny Juxxx. Having two different production styles. When these two come together and create tracks, Its Banging. When the idea for the compilation was created. They were thinking about the artist. Showcasing their Talent with a Mix Cd's every few months. And it was a good idea. Helping artist get there music to the masses. .
What equipment do you use?
I work with the Korg Triton, Reasons & the Beat Thang to do Beats. I Record on a IMAC 27" QUAD CORE i5 With a 22 inch extended LCD Monitor. Using Digital Performer 7.2. With over 100 plug ins and Peak 5 for editing. Audio Technica AT4050 Mic for Clean and bright Vocals EveryTime. And mix on Mackie HR824 high resolution Studio Monitors. That's some of the things I need to get the Job done!! I can burn cds w/ 4 lines of text on them for you when your project is done. So, when youre Really ready! Call me! Lord Itill 718 732 2769 http://www.libbproductions.com http://www.soundclick.com/libbproductionsbeats http://www.myspace.com/lorditill http://www.myspace.com/lorditillbeats
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