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Billy WhizZ (NaC)
Billy WhizZ (NaC)
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Imagine EL-P born in the UK, liking drum 'n' bass, and grime. At the other end imagine Necro and Steve Jones from The Sex Pistols are from the Midlands of the U
Billy WhizZ born William Nicholas Roger Saint, is a diverse hip-hop producer also known as the âœInfamous Butcherâ쳌 whose influences range from black metal to neo soul. He has produced for his own groups, Lost Fam and New Age Classics, current tracks for Lost Fam include features UK Mcâs BDS, Tris James, Enigma and others to be annouced soon. His work is not limited to the UK, USA acts iCON The Mic King, Ansom and Novel T have claimed a beat from Bill and you should be hearing these tracks very soon. The blend of styles in his music have elements of blues, soul, death and thrash metal, punk, hardcore, ska, reggae, grime and electronica, Lost Famâs Flowdacia once said how she likes working with Billâs production as he is able to make a heavy aggressive sounding beat then flip completely into a melodic and/or chilled out emotional style of track.
Band/artist history
Billy WhizZ has performed on the same bill as Sub Focus, Barbarix, DJ Switch (x2 and current DMC champion), DJ Trixta, M9 and Cyrus Malichi, Icon The Mic King and many others in the urban genre.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At Mode in Worcester, always looking for gigs for my crews Lost Fam and NaC
Your musical influences
Everything from the 1960s and beyond spanning all genres.... aslong as its got soul or balls, basically no emo
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools 8 and my brain
Anything else?
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Worst of you
Falling In Luv (Buy 1 Get 4 Free)
DIOR - Pop Smoke (no drill)
Candy (BUY 1 GET 3 FREE)