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Kate Cassidy
Kate Cassidy
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Kate Cassidy Scotlands Queen of Rock R&B
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Part time Slip road
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You Don't (Live)
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Say What You Mean
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Vocals: Kate Cassidy, Bass: Werner Wenzlitschke, Drums: Jaro Forejt, Keyboards: Willi Bopp, Guitar/Bass-Pedal: Mike Burn, Sax: Gabriel Herbst, Percussion: Delta Pomp (www.mbaf.com).
Band/artist history
At the beginning of 1997 Kate bought her first guitar and produced her first album "In Your Hands" with the help of local musicians from her home town of Glasgow. From Kate Cassidy's growing reputation and brilliant live performances through out the UK the public gave Kate the title "Scotland's Queen of Rock", and is much respected as a unique singer/songwriter from her appearances at "T" in the Park, King Tuts, The Boarder Line, Edinburgh Music Festival Dynamic Earth, World Art Stage, The Canons' Gait, BBC Music Live Event, Aberdeen's Alternative Festival, The Lemon Tree, Nozstock, plus TV and Radio. In 2002 Kate received an email from Mike Burn with an invitation to come to Germany. Six months later Kate landed in Frankfurt to meet MBAF for the first time with her acoustic guitar. MBAF had organised a few acoustic gigs for Kate, where the audiences were amazed with her voice and so were MBAF. It was going to be a further 15 months before Kate was to return to Germany due to other commitments. In the spring of 2003 Kate returned to Germany where Kate and MBAF have rehearsed and have played numerous gigs in Frankfurt and the surrounding area to the delight of the audiences that have been surprised and fascinated, at the ability of this voice and the force from were it comes. It is electric, powerful and alluring, Kate's Style of Rock R&B song writing and self-determination, has given her an edge that is more like a one woman rock band, There are many fantastic voices you could compare Kate Cassidy to; Sheryl Crow, Joan Baez, Bonny Raite, Aretha Franklin, Maggie Bell, Tina Turner, Tori Amos, Melissa Etheridge and Alanis Morissette, but none more unique than this Scottish artist! This is a world-class voice not to be dismissed!
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