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Jay Oh
Jay Oh
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Alabama rap artist, Haleyville, AL , G.a.T. , J.O. , Jay Oh, southern rap
My name is J.O. and I am an aspiring hip hop artist from a small town in Alabama. I have a unique style that works to my advantage. Hopefully Sound Click will get me discovered because I'm too good to be left out in the dark. I was in a group called G.a.T. but that is old news. I got props in near by towns for my street battles.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At partys just messing around and soon at a local club in a town in central FL where my family lives. I love performing and freestyling and battling.
Your musical influences
Any one brought up from the south that has "made it".
What equipment do you use?
I record with a good program and I've made beats with other people's beats but I do not intend on making any kind of profit off of other people's beats. Like I said, I in it for the fun.
Anything else?
I'd love emails on how good or bad u think I am. Please criticize, I need to know what I'm doing right and I need to know what I need to keep on doing.