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Luis Alberto Naranjo
Luis Alberto Naranjo
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Music for films, ost, Orchestral and Electronic music, new age, world music, instrumental, feelings. Compositor de bandas sonoras para peliculas y documentales.
Life Signs Official video
Productor y técnico de sonido en el estudio Blue Project Música, desde 2010 compone bandas sonoras para cortometrajes y películas en general. En la sección videos y música puedes ver algunos proyectos. I am an instrumental music composer. Electronica, new age, jazz-fussion. I compose music to radio and TV programs in Spain. I have 9 cds. You can listen some themes here. From 2006 to 2012 I am working hard in my professional studio Blue Project Musica in Molina (Murcia-Spain) to record other bands and to make musical productions. Now Im working to compose soundtracks for shortfilms and films.
Band/artist history
LAN begins to compose in his imagination. At the end of 80s he has at two pop bands but, in short lapse of time began to make his own music. He learned music at private school. After seven demos, he colaborate in some musical projects like "Solstice:Tribute to Jarre", "Exoniqe"... In 2000 he make his first professional CD "Sentimientos" with Carmen Montero Medinaïs poems. Music for radio and TV programs. In 2004 make his first alone professional CD called "Total Eclipse" with At-mooss Records. Now he works in his professional Studio. In May 2008 was edited the new cd called "Poemas al viento", poems from spanish poet Carmen Montero Medina and the new music composed by Luis Alberto Naranjo. Today compose music for films.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, in some cities in Spain. I like to performance live concerts. I can see how the people recieve my music.
Your musical influences
People like Camel, Pink Floyd, Oldfield, Jarre, Vitale, Hans Zimmer.
What equipment do you use?
Many synths, mac, virtual instruments, Theremin and some acoustic instruments... and talent!
Anything else?
Perhaps, youll like my music! ;-)
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