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Personal Information: Stage Name: Aday Birth Name: Adewa L. Canty Birth Place: Atlanta, GA BIOGRAPHY Discography: (most recent to oldest) Bring it Back to the A The EP Aday Southern Slang (D.O.W.N) Doing Only Whats Necessary (D.O.W.N) SouthBound The Legacy You know it is funny how so many artist and labels have migrated to Houston; The independent record label capital of the 3rd Coast. Aday, as a young boy roaming around in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, was not born with the aspirations of being a rapper. It was not until his 4th grade year that his love for the mic was sparked. As the story is told, Aday had an older cousin who had an interest in rapping and often wrote rhymes. Intrigued by the music, he started stealing the raps and taking them to school to perform them for classmates. His adolescent scheme worked until, ultimately, someone told that the raps originated from Aday's cousin and not Aday. He, from then on, wrote his own raps. In remembering, he states that the 1st rap that he wrote was about a mere four bars. Throughout a life span of a couple decades or more, Aday has been involved in music for a sufficient amount of time. He recalls his first group from Atlanta, Southbound, which involved group members Playboy Tre and Shawty Mack. Together, they produced an album, "Southbound: The Legacy." Aday then moved on to another group, Down (Doing Only What is Necessary). With two albums under their belt, Aday, Lou, Da Black, Roof Dog, and Lil' Roy (Free Lil Roy) shared their time with developed artist such as Lil' Ke Ke, ESG, UGK (Pimp C & Bum B), and Lil' Flip. -----------For more about Aday, go to www.aday-mip.com or BUY the CD at www.ear2theground.net/aday.html
Band/artist history
BIOGRAPHY Discography: (most recent to oldest) The Hustle- Just Listen - The Struggle Bring it Back to the A The EP Aday Southern Slang (D.O.W.N) Doing Only Whats Necessary (D.O.W.N) SouthBound The Legacy
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do live performances at several different night clubs & also on a TV show on a Houston access channel 17.
Your musical influences
Aundre 3000, Gnawls Barkley, Kanye West, 2 Pac
What equipment do you use?
My Pen & My Pad
Anything else?
Real Life experiances
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Desert Storm
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