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Re-Set (PT)
Metal, Ideas, Friends, Family. This is what makes Re-Set.
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In your face, with no fear... Flowing down our bodies, this is the first song we composed, and by God, not the last! Enjoy, and feel free to criticize!
Alternative Metal band... Born in Lisbon, Portugal, altered in New York, United States.. Re-Set is: _Fabio: Guitars, Bass and synths _Ricardo: V-Drums and samples _Joana: Vocals
Band/artist history
This band was born in Lisbon, Portugal, from the idea of giving some songs, written by the guitarist Fabio, the life they deserved. Therefore, reaching out for help from his friend, and drummer Ricardo, they both recorded in 2 days a 5 track demo, that came out to become a well-accepted sound within their circle of friends. The guitars, synthetizers and bass was Fabio's work, as the drums (v-drums) and all kinds of samples were a wealthy effort from Ricardo's drifting force and imagination. The band was complete when vocalist Joana, also friend of Fabio, and living in the US, gave her contribute by laying down her mellow and yet hard driving voice to the songs... Re-Set was then complete. This is what we are... Welcome to our music!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
For now, we never left the "Joker studios", property of Ricardo... Still working in new ideas and new ways to make more music, with the quality we always insist that the songs must have.
Your musical influences
from every kinds of metal, to all sorts of music... All frontiers and bars must be broken...
What equipment do you use?
Having a great help from Roland's guitar's synthetizers and V-Drums, such as G-Synth GR-33 and Td-20, our songs have definetly a touch of electronis within.. but nothing like hear the songs, right?
Anything else?
Proud to do what we do, and positive about the upcoming future...
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